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J*E*T*S, Jets, Jets, JetsJ-1 Visa Question
J-1 Visa working in USA - How to claim?J-Lo's hubby has problems
J/E for Sale of Ptnr C - 1/3 Interest?
J1 Visa to E2 Visa - Netherlands Tax TreatyJ1 visa elect file Form 1040
JCT Publishes ReportsJE questionJK Harris
JK Harris & Co., to repay cheated clientsJK Harris files bankruptcyJK Harris files for bankruptcy
JOINT VENTURE TO PURCHASE LANDJPMorgan Shows Care for American CustomerJR1 - Welcome back!
JR1 - please help with basis v. cap. acct.JTROS Stock Acquired -- Basis after Death of JTJTWROS-To get 100% step-up must Daughter file 706?
JTWROS - Gift Tax Return?JW-Minn
Jack Nicholson on ordinary & necessaryJackpot! - Great Potential Adventure!Jackson Hewitt, Block or Liberty???
Jackson Hewitt Files For Chapter 11Jail for The Tax Lady?Jamie Dimon Loses 2 Billion Dollars
Jamie Dimon drops his guardJanitorial supply for use by customerJanuary 1 birth date and IRA
January bank depositsJanuary mailings to new homeownersJapan Retirement Payout
Japan Tax ReturnJapaneese Retirement IncomeJapanese Beetles
Japanese Social SecurityJapanese Wages on 1040Japanese pension income for US citizen
Jennings seminars for CPEJerry Koosman Pitcher & Tax EvaderJesse James again?
Jesse James still alive?Jessica for President - temporarilyJesuits seek Alien Converts
Jeter/Lopez/Barry BondsJewwlry theft $20, proof of basis...Jim Juback Capitalism & Externalities
Jksc asks about short-term rentalsJmktaxes
Job Board ?Job Costing Required by law?Job Descriptions in a CPA Firm
Job Hunting Expenses - runnign for officeJob PositionsJob Search Deductions
Job Search Expense - Coaching FeesJob Search ExpensesJob Search Expenses?
Job Search Expenses - MileageJob Search Expenses DeductibleJob Search Expenses while still employed
Job hunting costs as start-up costsJob posting of the day:
Job searchJob seeking expenses for the self-employed
Joe Biden Invites Nation's Women to Tax Code Discussion at Mountain ChaletJoe Francis ratted out by his CPAJoe Lap CPA
JohnO from ArizonaJohn (JK) Harris arrested for contempt of courtJohn Does
Johnny One-NoteJoining CPA firm
Joint 1099-INT generated CP2057Joint Account-Husbands Earnings and Gift TaxJoint Account Relatives- WHO HAS TAX IMPLICATIONS?
Joint Account between 2 unrelated persons - 1099B statementJoint Brokerage Account
Joint Brokerage Account - Mother & SonJoint CustodyJoint FBAR
Joint Federal, Separate States...Joint Foreign Investment AccountJoint GPOA Trust-Double Step Up?
Joint Investment AccountJoint Liability ?Joint Living Trust - 1040 Schedule E??? Help!
Joint Return - Different ResidencesJoint Returns
Joint Returns for Separated PeopleJoint Savings Account- Who reports the interest generatedJoint Tenancy Income
Joint Tenancy Reporting on 706Joint Tenancy regarding a financial documentJoint Tenant Real Property and Equity for Estate tax purpose
Joint Tenant or TIC - title to real estateJoint Tennant in Real PropertyJoint Venture - 2 Corps
Joint Venture in Real EstateJoint account to avoid probate - tax implications?Joint accounts-Certificate of Deposit
Joint accounts/gifts/loans??Joint accounts and Gifts to an estateJoint bank account, gift tax, and estate tax
Joint bank accountsJoint estimated tax payments. Now filing separate.Joint extension, separate returns
Joint extension allow MFS return laterJoint fundraiser - any issues?Joint mortgage
Joint or Separate Extensions?Joint ownership-1st time homebuyers creditJoint ownership of home - gift/inheritance/exclusion
Joint ownership of stocksJoint property contributed to a partnershipJoint property in estate - estate tax
Joint return after separateJoint return when spouse cannot be located
Joint returns: Marital status: Same-sex marriages: Due Process.Joint s corp K1
Joint savings account taxability at deathJoint tenancy avoid estate taxJoint tenant account holder with multple estate beneficiaries
Joint tenant spouses in CAJointly Owned Real Estate For Tax Purposes or Not???
Jointly Owned Residence-No Shared Equity Financing AgreementJointpartnership Interest - Only one is ActiveJokes
Jokes (okay really for DonnieCastleman, but enjoy)Jokesis for yousisJournal Entries For New Tax Practice
Journal EntryJournal entry for distributions in excess of basisJournalize K-1 Loss To Flow Through Entity
Joyce C. Smith CPA, EAJoyce vs. Finnigan State RulesJoys/Regrets
Jt estimated tax pmts now separated coupleJudge: Why don't we get...Judge Judy "Talks Gibberish" Taken Away
Judge Judy and Tax FraudJudge Rules Against Roni Deutch
Judge ordered 401K distributionJudge tosses tax firm's noncompete clauseJudgement Creditor-Bad Debt?
Judgement for future rentJudgementsJuicy Tidbits
July 4 Songfest: Moving, Everybody MovingJune - the month of Dads and GradsJuneau this bear story?
Junior Accountant ResponsibilitiesJunk Debt Buyer?Junked Asset
Jury DutyJury Duty income and expensesJury Duty pay
Just Bit....Just General Curiosity - CP2000Just Jumped, Hope the water is Fine!
Just Passed all three parts of EAJust Received 2007 K1Just Stopping By...
Just TestingJust ThinkJust Want to Verify?
Just a comment of Hawaii state tax officeJust a funny pictureJust a lighthearted question :)
Just a little Saturday rantJust a simple question?Just a thought about President
Just an old bookkeeperJust exploded at tax shop owner ... got fired/quitJust for Fun
Just for HarryJust found out client inadvertently put traditional IRA contribs into Roth for three yearsJust gettin' started
Just had to fire a client over a nexus issue....Just how big is the LIBOR scandal?
Just how do you write off Start Up costs?Just joined the AICPA, what else is a valuable tool?Just laid off....and I'm thrilled!!
Just me?Just my luck...CPA eligibleJust need to vent......
Just need to whine...Just out of College-Didn't file for 2005Just passed SEE - now the question is....?
Just passed SEE parts 2 and 3Just received audit report for 07 - wondering about 06?Just sayin'
Just set up an S-Corporation, but have to closeJust started my new LLC and need a little helpJust testing
Just want to vent about new CA NOL lawJust wanted to sayJust wanted to say thank you
Just what I need during tax seasonJust what is a "safe harbor" anyway?Just what we need on April 12th
Just when I thought tax season could not get worse....Just when you thought it was all overJust when you thought it was safe...
Just where I wanted to beJust wonderingJustice Department Files Antitrust Lawsuit to Stop H&R Block Inc. from Buying TaxACT
Justice stops defending DOMAJustification for Late Election under 108K-1
K-1'sK-1's and State Taxes?K-1's from MI, UT and TX
K-1(form 1065), line 11E Cancellation of DebtK-1, Box 13, Code J
K-1 (100S) for non-resident, business not in CaliforniaK-1 (1120S) line 16 code DK-1 (FORM 1065) LINE 19
K-1 - ENTITY IS AN IRAK-1 - IRAK-1 1120S -- ownership % first year less than actual ownership
K-1 Attachment Requirement?K-1 BOX 13 WK-1 Basis Limitation
K-1 Box 13, Code V (Sec. 754 Deprec)K-1 Box 14 CK-1 Box 1 on Personal Return Showing as Active Rental Activity
K-1 Cap accts differ from M-2K-1 Disposition of Prior Sec 179 Exp
K-1 Electronic ConsentK-1 FOR FOR 1041K-1 FROM R & E S Corp
K-1 Filing RequirementK-1 Gross non-farm incomeK-1 Help
K-1 I kK-1 Income Reported On Form 8814?K-1 Income taxable for NYS?
K-1 LTCG/1250 Gain/1231 GainK-1 Line 13 743 (b) DepreciationK-1 Loss deducted but No Basis
K-1 Not Marked Final - Is Form 8082 needed?K-1 Other Deductions Code WK-1 Other information/deductions
K-1 Passive Activity Loss and DispositionK-1 Passive Income / Limited Partner - Intangible Drilling CostsK-1 Ptrshp Credit question
K-1 QuestionK-1 Question-Production exp in excess of debtK-1 Question: VA & Rhode Island
K-1 Re-investmentK-1 Reporting and Partner Gain/Loss from terminated partnershipK-1 Reporting for LLC Members
K-1 ScorpK-1 Section 179 Limitation on 1040 - Only to extent of SE income?K-1 Trust Allocation
K-1 WITH INTEREST AND DIVIDEND FOR STATE BUT NOT FEDK-1 allowed loss and stock basisK-1 and Individual Tax Payer
K-1 and prior year unallowed lossesK-1 change; amend the entire 1120s?K-1 concern when amending 1041
K-1 filingK-1 for Final Year of TrustK-1 for IRA
K-1 for Out of State InheritenceK-1 for Rental PropertyK-1 for client's IRA - taxed by IRS
K-1 for former shareholderK-1 for initial & final year sub s and 179K-1 for stock ownership
K-1 from Hedge fundK-1 from Multi State LLCK-1 from Oil and Gas PTP
K-1 from Partnership - Where to report when the owner is a SMLLCK-1 from Partnership to Scorp PartnerK-1 from Trust Tax Return for Rental Property
K-1 from estateK-1 from estate to simple trustK-1 in roth ira
K-1 incomeK-1 income to Schedule CK-1 input
K-1 line 13M - Amounts paid for Medical InsuranceK-1 loss limited to tax basis; able to take 100% of K-1 loss for SE tax in year of loss?K-1 of partner with 0 partnership basis
K-1 overide. Is it legal?K-1 partner's capital analysisK-1 partner options..Limited Partner vs Other LLC Member
K-1 pass thru of property casualty loss Form 4684 to partnersK-1 passive lossK-1 passive losses from prior years
K-1 penalty & Form 7004K-1 portrayal of Income from distributed IRAK-1 question
K-1 received after return is filedK-1 recording in booksK-1 required ?
K-1 titled "XXX - Nominee for IRA" in Wifes SSNK-1 to ChurchK-1 to IRA partner
K-1 to retired CPA firm partnerK-1 with Form 8865 attachedK-1 with Government interest reported as dividends
K-1 with rental losses 33.3% owner - how to determine active participation?K-1kept from partner until tax prep fee paidK-1s for Estate
K-9 Officer-From 2106K1 (Form 1065) issueK1 - Accrued Interest
K1 1065 BOX 20K1 Box 14 Code H Other InformationK1 FOR TERMINATING PARTNER
K1 FROM FARMING (1065)K1 Foreign TransactionK1 Line 16D
K1 Loss from Partnership's Bankruptcy TrustK1 LossesK1 box 20T - Tentative Depletion - Louisiana???

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