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My name is Will Price and I am a five year practitioner in Portland Oregon. My background is in franchise development and small business accounting. I have been an Enrolled Agent since 2006. My practice is open all year and is targeted to small business and their owners.


Married eight years.

Update: Son has discovered Transformers and when make-believing has chosen the moniker "Octopus Prime" rather than the more common Optimus Prime. Moreover, he steadfastly refuses to allow me to pretend that I am Optimus Prime! Sigh, this is still the best year so far.

Update: Year five is swimming lessons and light sabers. He wants to be Darth Vader for Halloween yet he has never seen a Star Wars Movie?? I blame the schools. He is taking well to camping which is a relief to his mother and me as it is one of our favorite things to do here in the Pacific Northwest.

Update: Year seven and we are still on occasional swimming lessons. I think we start swimming lessons too early in my community. We should just wait until they are 8-9 and then throw them in the water like they do in the Midwest. Star Wars has not diminished for him by a long shot. Tae Kwon Do is new this year. He is reading a lot, just like his Dad.

William Price, EA | Portland, OR - Talk to me

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