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Practice Management and Business Growth Community

Practice Management Issues

Questions about software, e-file issues, licensing & exams, CPE, fees, obtaining and keeping clients, fees, collections, RALs, PTINs, EFINs, ERO questions, etc. are appropriate here, along with issues like hiring and training employees and/or subcontractors, purchasing office equipment, handling clients, etc.

Business Growth

Are you interested in growing your business? How do you increase your client base? How do you get off the ground in the first year or two? What alternative income streams are available? What about maintaining/managing your practice? Hiring and managing new people?

This TaxAlmanac forum is focused on just these questions and more - even though it's titled the "Business Growth Community" Forum, it's the appropriate place for all discussions about both practice growth and practice management.

(Please use the yellow search box to the left to find prior discussions on your topic, before posting a new question, thanks! Search Hints & Tips.)
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 Operating Profit for CPA startup? 588 3 PHIL MOODY 1 year ago
 Clients not returning 8879 598 22 Trillium 1 year ago
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 Accused of Tax Fraud..... We are sitting ducks!! 1909 32 CathysTaxes 2 years ago
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 Paying a client penalty when not at faulr 499 15 Bottom Line 2 years ago
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 Consent to Disclose (in the real world) 251 6 Trillium 2 years ago
 Can a CPA operate as an S Corp.? 1181 23 JR1 2 years ago
 I really need Resume help 1093 49 DUCKMAN57 2 years ago
 Proseries bug (deprec calc different in PS basic vs PS) 133 5 NewYorkEA 3 years ago
 Proseries transfer Fed to State problem 393 2 Death&Taxes 5 years ago
 Where do you find your best employees? 1118 22 Flybynight 3 years ago
 Payroll Services and Software 1040 12 Actionbsns 3 years ago
 Accounting Software specialist... A good market? 333 5 Sapcpa 4 years ago
 South Florida write-up fees 392 4 Mhinze 4 years ago
 OCR software compatible with Lacerte 2009 166 2 Trillium 4 years ago
 Need a Vancouver, British Columbia Tax Accountant 295 1 Trillium 4 years ago
 Is my idea feasible? 499 5 Heathermarie 5 years ago
 Switching Practice to Mail/Fax/Scan only 1028 14 "Shoebox" Cpamomma 11 months ago
 Client Churn Rate 743 5 "Shoebox" CrowJD 5 years ago
 Secure Online Storage 704 3 "Shoebox" CPAdavid 5 years ago
 IRS letter denying extension (plus Lacerte vs UltraTax, TaxAct) 1353 21 $ Taxalmancer 4 years ago
 CPA, EA Silly, silly question 1227 20 1040Love STG 2 months ago
 Form 8453 no longer a signature form 477 1 1040man Death&Taxes 6 years ago
 When is a PAID preparer NOT a Paid preparer 1089 7 1040man Lizzit 7 years ago
 Why is Lacerte so different from ProSeries 1197 5 1040man Death&Taxes 7 years ago
 Letter from Drake Software 1863 10 1040man Bottom Line 7 years ago
 How cheap can they get (paper vs paperless vs don't keep nothin') 1141 35 1040man PVVCPA 7 years ago
 Buying practice with related website 348 10 1971baddad Taxea 3 years ago
 Corporate tax course 754 8 2006ya NMexEA 2 years ago
 Desperately seeking help with CPA Exam requirements 926 3 3Athlete Erikwhite 5 years ago
 Study guides EA exam 587 7 47maryab Sjpaccounting 4 years ago
 EA study help 244 3 47maryab BrockEA 4 years ago
 Unenrolled preparer questions 1908 34 6rings Laticiaw 7 years ago
 Maybe I am the last to see this...thought I would share. 384 0 94nole 94nole 2 years ago
 What constitutes your client deliverable? 358 4 94nole MWPXYZ 3 years ago
 Do you really like this business...or? 1453 26 94nole Southparkcpa 3 years ago
 Need Advice...of course I do, that's why I'm here! 657 8 94nole Kevinh5 3 years ago
 Revenue generation outside of tax season? 707 16 94nole Lizzit 5 years ago
 What % of your gross revenues... 772 15 94nole DZCPA 4 years ago
 AICPA TAX SECTION E-ALERT received today 480 1 94nole Death&Taxes 6 years ago
 Payback period on acquisition of a practice 487 6 96lt4 Gazoo 11 months ago
 Q for those who have purchased a firm 922 23 96lt4 JackTraffic 11 months ago
 Did you use... 888 8 99Hokie Msk1022 6 years ago
Results 1-50 of 2770 Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 More >>
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Business Growth Resources (User-provided)

  • - free website designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a new business
  • Growing and Managing your Business on the Small Business Administration website
  • - Inexpensive website host with good support.
  • - Free color business cards
  • Business 2.0 - A great magazine that will inspire your endeavors
  • - Can be used for free marketing / advertising.
  • Can be used for free marketing / advertising as well as setting up a website that you send off to users of your local area
  • - A wiki-model free resource and narrow search engine.
  • - The website of MyBusiness Magazine, including daily updates and an archive of six years of small business how-to and feature articles.
  • QuickBooks Online Community - Provides articles, tips and tricks, and other goodies to help individuals start and grow their business.
  • - Custom business cards, mailing, postcards, and web design.
  • - Advanced web-based collaborative tools for professionals.
  • - We provide you with a no-charge Preliminary Cost Segregation Analysis of your client's commercial real estate for you to evaluate against their current tax situation.
  • - Secure, reliable, offsite data protection for small businesses.
  • - Excellent resource for entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs. Subject matter experts and blogs on a variety of subjects from marketing, to starting a business, to sales.
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