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Practice Management and Business Growth Community

Practice Management Issues

Questions about software, e-file issues, licensing & exams, CPE, fees, obtaining and keeping clients, fees, collections, RALs, PTINs, EFINs, ERO questions, etc. are appropriate here, along with issues like hiring and training employees and/or subcontractors, purchasing office equipment, handling clients, etc.

Business Growth

Are you interested in growing your business? How do you increase your client base? How do you get off the ground in the first year or two? What alternative income streams are available? What about maintaining/managing your practice? Hiring and managing new people?

This TaxAlmanac forum is focused on just these questions and more - even though it's titled the "Business Growth Community" Forum, it's the appropriate place for all discussions about both practice growth and practice management.

(Please use the yellow search box to the left to find prior discussions on your topic, before posting a new question, thanks! Search Hints & Tips.)
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 E & O INSURANCE 522 6 Ztom Bottom Line 7 years ago
 Lacerte vs drake 634 2 Ztom Lark 1 year ago
 Non payment of Tax Prep 980 14 Ztom DZCPA 2 years ago
 CTEC Online Education 238 1 Ztom TheTinCook 2 years ago
 CTEC certified 958 27 Ztom Flybynight 3 years ago
 Spouse signing 8879 1675 23 Ztom Tax Writer 3 years ago
 How do you efile 1099 789 9 Ztom PDXCPA 5 years ago
 Direct deposit 237 2 Ztom Ztom 4 years ago
 Lacerte and bridgine appts 257 1 Ztom Ztom 3 years ago
 Pin numbers again 375 3 Ztom FloridaCPA 3 years ago
 Efile Refund Calendar 273 3 Ztom Trillium 4 years ago
 California Ethics requirements 127 0 Ztom Ztom 4 years ago
 Exempt Org. bookkeeping? 538 13 Ztom Fsteincpa 6 years ago
 Representation Courses 523 6 Zokan CrowJD 3 years ago
 Ultratax 735 17 ZL28 Bbowers 11 months ago
 Patent for Offshore Tax Prep 308 1 Zip2001 Gazoo 3 years ago
 EA Tax Consulting Practice Guide 628 6 Zip2001 Lacerulean 4 years ago
 Anyone need extra seasonal help this year? 368 3 Zip2001 Musze007 4 years ago
 What do you pay for seasonal help? 871 8 Zip2001 Kevinh5 4 years ago
 Top 10 Accounting Schools 996 25 Zanger Zanger 4 years ago ? 568 3 Zanger Tax Writer 4 years ago
 Litigation Support: Demand for it? 427 14 Zanger Fletch 4 years ago
 Any Money in Forensic Accounting? 582 8 Zanger Fletch 4 years ago
 Tax Attorneys Prepare Tax Return? 696 7 Zanger NMexEA 4 years ago
 CPA Firm's Vacation Policy 688 10 ZabaCPA123 Flybynight 3 years ago
 I just dont get it (scan W-2 & 1099 and populate tax SW) 1166 15 Z32 Twin Turbo Mtmckeecpa 7 years ago
 Group Health Insurance ? 301 1 Z32 Twin Turbo EAinNH 3 years ago
 Funding an S-Corp 658 11 YourTaxLady Outwesttax 5 years ago
 Payments from clients? 352 6 Youngtaxdude CathysTaxes 3 years ago
 E filing for clients 204 2 Youngtaxdude Belle 3 years ago
 Starting small Tax business begining help 404 5 Youngtaxdude Kevinh5 3 years ago
 Third Party Designee Question! 273 4 Youngtaxdude Heritage120 3 years ago
 Taxprep Advice for new business 424 3 Youngtaxdude Youngtaxdude 3 years ago
 "Build your firm 4688 20 Ymk Kevinh5 1 year ago
 Question for New Clients & QB 1063 22 XZiler8r Bottom Line 7 years ago
 What IRS form(s) need to be ORIGINAL for our files? 529 23 XZiler8r Sandysea 7 years ago
 Going Paperless / Scanning Documents (storing) 629 10 XZiler8r Natalie 6 years ago
 Surgent McCoy - CPE Online Courses 676 6 XZiler8r Blrgcpa 5 years ago
 Owners of businesses - Tax Prep & Accounting 592 15 XZiler8r Btstax 7 years ago
 Tax organizer - paper or email? (Lacerte e-Organizer) 553 10 Xz Wiles 9 months ago
 Business Growth Ideas? 569 7 Xz Bottom Line 1 year ago
 Need an assistant/receptionist 386 4 Xz CrowJD 2 years ago
 Do I need an assistant or partner? 1218 44 Xz Fletch 3 years ago
 Payment policy for tax returns 955 24 Xz CathysTaxes 3 years ago
 Difficult client 1203 41 Xz Taxqat 3 years ago
 How to get business clients? 554 10 Xz NewYorkEA 3 years ago
 Client copy - paper or email? 356 12 Xz NewYorkEA 3 years ago
 Business Referral Relationship 424 5 Xz Bottom Line 3 years ago
 Non-paying clients - how to handle billing? 882 27 Xz CathysTaxes 3 years ago
 Ongoing accounting - how much to charge? 423 8 Xz Xz 3 years ago
Results 1-50 of 2770 Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 More >>
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Business Growth Resources (User-provided)

  • - free website designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a new business
  • Growing and Managing your Business on the Small Business Administration website
  • - Inexpensive website host with good support.
  • - Free color business cards
  • Business 2.0 - A great magazine that will inspire your endeavors
  • - Can be used for free marketing / advertising.
  • Can be used for free marketing / advertising as well as setting up a website that you send off to users of your local area
  • - A wiki-model free resource and narrow search engine.
  • - The website of MyBusiness Magazine, including daily updates and an archive of six years of small business how-to and feature articles.
  • QuickBooks Online Community - Provides articles, tips and tricks, and other goodies to help individuals start and grow their business.
  • - Custom business cards, mailing, postcards, and web design.
  • - Advanced web-based collaborative tools for professionals.
  • - We provide you with a no-charge Preliminary Cost Segregation Analysis of your client's commercial real estate for you to evaluate against their current tax situation.
  • - Secure, reliable, offsite data protection for small businesses.
  • - Excellent resource for entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs. Subject matter experts and blogs on a variety of subjects from marketing, to starting a business, to sales.
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