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I recently sold my CPA firm listed below to one of the CPA's in it and became the Controller for Maverick Jets, Inc. in the Denver, CO area. Maverick Jets, Inc. produces jets in the new category of Very Light Jets (VLJ) or personal jets which weigh under 10,000 lbs.

FIRM NAME: Gillaspy CPA Group, LLC (Tax & QuickBooks© Consultants)

ADDRESS: 1700 East Pointe Drive, Suite 102 -- Columbia, MO 65201

PHONE #: (573) 442-4000

PERSONNEL: 1 Partner (Gregg)

3 CPA Staff Accountants (Bill, Donna and Aric, yes with an "A")
2 Bookkeepers (Jill = Full-Time, Carol = Part-Time)
1 Bookkeeper/Tax Preparer (Rachel = Part-Time & a nontraditional 32 year old college accounting student)
1 Secretary/Receptionist (Dana)
1 Admin (Nancy = Part-Time) (Gregg's wife working remotely from home)

SERVICES: Taxation is our bread and butter ... QuickBooks© Consulting - put on 80 QuickBooks© seminars ... Payroll ... Compilations ... Reviews ... No Audits.

SOFTWARE USED: Lacerte Tax Program, Lacerte DMS, QuickBooks©, Client Manager, Outlook, Word, Excel, SuperForms, Total Klienrock Office, Acrobat, Time Matters, TimeSlips, PPC Tracker, Report Wiz

BUSINESS NOTES: We e-file 98% of our 1040's and signed up for business e-filing next tax season. Gregg, Aric, Bill, Donna, Rachel, Jill & Carol are Certified QuickBooks© ProAdvisors. That means ALL of our technical personnel in the firm are QuickBooks© ProAdvisors!!! Carol has attended an 11 week H & R Block tax preparer course to help out more with tax preparation when she works full time in tax season.

GREGG'S STRONGEST AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Paperless Tax Preparation...Minister Taxation...

PRIOR EXPERIENCE: Arthur Andersen (1988-90), Large local firm of 100 employees (1990-92), started my own firm out of my home in 1992

EDUCATION: ORU (Tulsa)...University of Missouri (Columbia) = B.S. Degree - Finance & Banking (1988)

HOBBIES: Jogging, Weightlifting, Military "stuff" & things that fly (the more recent the better)

NOTES OF INTEREST: Stepson 22, sons 15, 12 and 2...I'm PASSIONATE about giving FEEDBACK.

QUOTE: Be Sharp...Be Hungry...Get Into It !!!

The reason I listed the items above is to provide background on where I may be coming from with information I post on this site and to generate thoughts on what you might ask me. For instance, the number of personnel in our firm and their positions helps you to know what I may encounter on a day-to-day basis and that I am not a sole practitioner. I can relate to you whether you are in a Big Four firm or if you are a 1 person shop operating out of your home. You can ask me questions all day long on paperless tax preparation or minister taxation and I generally don't have to refer to a book or resource, I just know it. Or maybe you want to know how my wife works for our firm but does so remotely from home.
Lastly, I put some items on here that show some human side of things...hobbies...notes of interest...even a quote I came up with writing all this up. This site will grow to be huge, overwhelming atleast initially, and seems to be "just the facts". I am generally "all business" and have a relentless pursuit to accomplish what I set my sights on. But I have to admit, I think a "bio page" like this will be one of the first things I gravitate to because of the various things listed on it versus Code Section 481(a) adjustments and the like. I also learned from this experience that maybe I need to develop some hobbies that require a little less testosterone <g>. Just kidding...let's make this one of the best sites out there.

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