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TaxAlmanac is a free online resource dedicated to providing tax research information to the tax community. Anyone can edit and add articles, however we do ask that you please follow a few of our policies and guidelines. These policies and guidelines will continue to evolve as this community grows.



Advertising in articles and discussions

Please do not include your personal or business information within a TaxAlmanac article or discussion post. When you create your account and log in to TaxAlmanac, a personal page is created for you for this purpose. To access your personal page, log in, then click your user name located at the top of the page. You can add your contact information and anything else you want to your personal page. Another user can find your personal page by viewing the history of an article you contributed or edited, seeing your user name in a discussion page/post, or seeing your updates on the Recent Changes page. In all of these places, a user can click on user names shown and proceed directly to that user's personal page.

Please don't try to use TaxAlmanac to promote your product or business. Please don't insert external links to your commercial website unless a neutral party would judge that the link truly belongs in the article/discussion post.

(Note, this doesn't prohibit you from "signing" a discussion post with your name/location and/or a link to your TaxAlmanac user page if you wish to do so. However, that signature is unnecessary since all discussion posts are preceded by the user ID, which provides an immediate link to the user page, and as a result signing posts is rare on the TaxAlmanac forums.)


You are contributing to a free, publicly-usable database of information and submitting work which infringes copyrights threatens our objective to build a truly free online resource. Never submit copyrighted material without permission from the copyright owner. See our complaint and takedown procedures if you are a copyright owner and feel your rights are being infringed. Our contribution terms outline some details regarding permissible content.


Citing Work

Please cite your resource material within your tax articles and contributions. Citing your sources helps others to follow your work and helps build credibility for your efforts. It's particularly encouraged for you to include links to your sources.

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