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TaxAlmanac contains a lot of content, but finding it can be difficult. By adding categories to discussions and other pages, we can make it much easier to do topical research.

  • Any page can be categorized
  • Categories can be any name we want - we decide what categories we want to use.
  • Pages can be included in as many different categories as are appropriate.
  • We want and need people to help add categories!
  • Adding categories is easy
  • Benefits
    • Categorized pages make finding related information easy!
    • Categorized pages encourage people to use resources already available on TaxAlmanac
    • Categories could reduce the number of repeat questions in the forums

How to Add Categories

  1. Think about what categories need to be added to a page or discussion
  2. Click on the edit tab at the top of any discussion or other page
  3. Move to where the categories should be added
    • For discussions - add categories on the first blank line
    • For other pages - add categories at the very bottom
  4. Add the category like this: [[Category:LLC]]
  5. Save the page

You can add multiple categories too, like this: [[Category:LLC]] [[Category:Credits]]

If you add a brand new category, the link to it will be shown in red. Simply click on the red link and type a simple sentence like "These items all relate to traditional IRAs" or some very simple comment. Save that page and the links won't be red.

To see a list of all current categories, see the Category List.

Caveat about Discussions

Note: The following statement is no longer true - feel free to categorize as many discussions as you'd like.

On some of the discussion forums, when discussions are edited, even to add categories, they'll float to the top of the discussion list. (This is not true, however, for the Tax Questions Forum.)

This could confuse people, and will cause active questions to scroll off of the first page of topics. Because of this, we ask that you do not add categories to more than one or two old topics. We can do this slowly, but any more than that will be disruptive to the forums.

Join the Team!

Although you can help categorize without doing so, we encourage your to "Join the Team" by adding your name below.

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