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Hey all, just a quick note to get me from anonymous to reality, although I really do hate reality.

My name is Fred Stein. I own a tax and accounting practice in Cobleskill, NY. I have done many things in my life and CPA is just a small part of that. I love getting involved in ventures. My own and also by assisting clients further their ventures.

I am also affiliated with other firms who are SAGE resellers. SAGE is a huge worldwide company that offers accounting and business solutions for small to mid-size to huge companies.

I have two wonderful, albeit strange children. My daughter is 18, enjoying her first year of college and is absolutely brilliant. Extremely smart, yet at the same time she really scares the bejeesus out of me. She's getting there, but that common sense is taking a long time to drip through that skull. She is a person of high caliber and has a great amount of self-esteem. Even though common sense is sometimes lacking, I really don't have to worry about anyone walking over her. I can say I truly admire my little girl.

As for my son, what can I say, he is a boy. He's 13, keeps getting booted off MySpace and tells me, Dad, I am a playaaaaaaaah. He really isn't, he just likes chatting. He also adores has sister and knows that if he treated any of his girls poorly, she would beat him. He is also extremely smart, doesn't get the 98 point GPA like his sister had through high school, but he gets his 92's and 93's yet has a ton more common sense. Eighth grader and he is the first sub off the bench for varsity soccer. Something he and I are very proud of. He hates sitting on the bench, yet rather than pout about it, he talks to the coach to find out what he needs to do more of to get on the field. And he practices hard and works and works. What can I say, I don't have pets, so I have to brag about something. Proud of both of them. I will actually miss them when their alien parents eventually come back for them.

K, that is me.

And then this was requested


And here is me talking to a client Image:Sb telephone.jpg

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