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Practice Management and Business Growth Community

Practice Management Issues

Questions about software, e-file issues, licensing & exams, CPE, fees, obtaining and keeping clients, fees, collections, RALs, PTINs, EFINs, ERO questions, etc. are appropriate here, along with issues like hiring and training employees and/or subcontractors, purchasing office equipment, handling clients, etc.

Business Growth

Are you interested in growing your business? How do you increase your client base? How do you get off the ground in the first year or two? What alternative income streams are available? What about maintaining/managing your practice? Hiring and managing new people?

This TaxAlmanac forum is focused on just these questions and more - even though it's titled the "Business Growth Community" Forum, it's the appropriate place for all discussions about both practice growth and practice management.

(Please use the yellow search box to the left to find prior discussions on your topic, before posting a new question, thanks! Search Hints & Tips.)
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 What do you use for payroll? 362 5 Genaro1234 CathysTaxes 1 year ago
 Big error on tax estimate on corporation with NOL 223 1 Realtime32 Kevinh5 1 year ago
 Changing preparers and lack of prior year information 1635 13 Pejay900 Taxmesoftly 1 year ago
 Response to question on my user page 334 5 NMexEA PollyAdler 1 year ago
 Software that allows attaching pdfs? Mortgage Credit Certificate. 366 10 WilsonCA WilsonCA 1 year ago
 Clients don't read organizer 627 10 Smokeytax Taxmesoftly 1 year ago
 Us tax court practitioner exam 786 8 Phineas629 Kevinh5 1 year ago
 Best marketing practice to acquire individual clients 1040 1216 22 Joecpa888 PDXCPA 1 year ago
 Thomson Reuters buyer beware 570 10 Planters49 AgwmTax 1 year ago
 Did anyone stay with Taxworks?? 878 9 Pink Pearl AgwmTax 1 year ago
 Now I've seen it all 726 10 ChrisV2 AgwmTax 1 year ago
 TRX 317 5 Brazen AgwmTax 1 year ago
 Firm Buy-In Questions. 303 1 TaxGuy13 Kevinh5 1 year ago
 ATX software 7887 102 Tenletters 1 year ago
 Bonus for New CPA 537 5 JE O Leary Fsteincpa 1 year ago
 Career prospects for an EA 353 1 Dsuh Kevinh5 1 year ago
 Lacerte - Efile with $0 AGI / taxabe income 223 1 Luca Ourtuition 1 year ago
 North Carolina Other Deductions (Education) 535 11 Atwood Atwood 1 year ago
 EA renewals? 496 12 NMexEA Kosty 1 year ago
 Early Feedback Tax Season 2012 2417 46 Wkstaxprep Wkstaxprep 1 year ago
 Fee for forgotten or amended brokerage statement or other 1099 532 18 Cpaeth Cpaeth 1 year ago
 ProSeries Professional 2012 vs TaxWorks 2011 780 11 Tenacious Trillium 1 year ago
 A great big C'mon man 759 19 BrockEA Gazoo 1 year ago
 Sch D - 80 Inputs - What to Charge? 406 6 ETax847 Fsteincpa 1 year ago
 Newbie tax ques-Pymt upon receipt? 342 4 Orange2 Fr. Mackelhenry 1 year ago
 Fee for From 1024 197 1 Rdtaxservice Fsteincpa 1 year ago
 After Tax Season Services 461 4 OliveGreen CathysTaxes 1 year ago
 Starting up 822 6 Jmurgel CrowJD 1 year ago
 Best practice of mortgage interest tracing 170 0 Wes Wes 1 year ago
 Question for Kevin re USTCP 179 0 NMexEA NMexEA 1 year ago
 I passed all parts of the SEE 389 8 Greenjas BrockEA 1 year ago
 Need advice on further education 280 3 LizB Sumwun 1 year ago
 North Carolina Business Tax Products 182 2 LB1 Kevinh5 1 year ago
 LLC, SCorp vs. PLLC or PC 517 3 Ejhcpa99 JackTraffic 1 year ago
 How much fees to charge (2006) 2575 26 Pegoo 1 year ago
 EFIN Made Inactive 363 5 Cregan Fsteincpa 1 year ago
 Merger in Houston area. 181 0 Jake2626 Jake2626 1 year ago
 Slow Start This Year? 1779 62 Saulgim Joanmcq 1 year ago
 H & R block fee prices.... 10085 95 Wkstaxprep Kevinh5 1 year ago
 2013 Fee Check 1816 38 Craigums Wkstaxprep 1 year ago
 Can a staff accountant obtain a CAF 245 1 Socalocacct EatonCPA 1 year ago
 Correction of Payroll--Fee 180 1 Heathermarie Anarchrist 1 year ago
 1099 fees 812 10 Haz48076 Alaskacpa 1 year ago
 Network Servers Compatible with Lacerte Tax Software 217 1 Mr cheese Storm155 1 year ago
 Recommendations for online backup system please! 603 22 Joanmcq PollyAdler 1 year ago
 Has is it been a slow start to your 2009 tax season? 1424 33 Scottcpa22 Gazoo 1 year ago
 Liability of Firm when 'self-prepared' 460 8 BreeAshley Tax Writer 1 year ago
 How to drop Prior Year Tax Prep Clients 1057 36 JAInVA Tonymontana 1 year ago
 Probably moving from TaxWorks, considering ProSeries, searching for info 787 12 Adam13 CathysTaxes 1 year ago
Results 151-200 of 2770 Page: << More 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 More >>
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Business Growth Resources (User-provided)

  • - free website designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a new business
  • Growing and Managing your Business on the Small Business Administration website
  • - Inexpensive website host with good support.
  • - Free color business cards
  • Business 2.0 - A great magazine that will inspire your endeavors
  • - Can be used for free marketing / advertising.
  • Can be used for free marketing / advertising as well as setting up a website that you send off to users of your local area
  • - A wiki-model free resource and narrow search engine.
  • - The website of MyBusiness Magazine, including daily updates and an archive of six years of small business how-to and feature articles.
  • QuickBooks Online Community - Provides articles, tips and tricks, and other goodies to help individuals start and grow their business.
  • - Custom business cards, mailing, postcards, and web design.
  • - Advanced web-based collaborative tools for professionals.
  • - We provide you with a no-charge Preliminary Cost Segregation Analysis of your client's commercial real estate for you to evaluate against their current tax situation.
  • - Secure, reliable, offsite data protection for small businesses.
  • - Excellent resource for entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs. Subject matter experts and blogs on a variety of subjects from marketing, to starting a business, to sales.
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