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Hello, my name is Karri Egger in TX and I go by the nickname Heritage120. I've been in tax accounting for 20 years. I worked for CPA's in the 80's. Then I worked from home doing taxes for small businesses and individuals while I had my 3 kids. In 2008 I finished my Accounting degree and graduated summa cum laude. The day I graduated was the day I accepted an offer to work full-time for a public accounting firm in their tax department. At the end of 2008 I left the firm. January 2009 I partnered up with a much trusted friend and we formed our own LLC. Heritage Bookkeeping & Tax specializes in individual and small business tax. We also do alot of bookkeeping duties. We have a professional office space along with a great conference room. We have up-to-date software and hardware. Our client list is growing very rapidly. We have not had to advertise. All our clients come to us from referrals. Currently we pick up 2-3 new business accounts a week. In all the years I've been doing taxes I've had one return undergo an full audit. IRS came back and said it was a perfect return and took nothing. I really believe in ethics. I teach my clients how to do business ethically so everyone sleeps better at night. I have a little grad school but have decided not to become a CPA. I'll be taking the exam to become an EA as soon as I can find the time. I love what I do. I love the clients we have. Many will stop in just to say hi and we get to know them very well. My office is close to my kids schools and home so I'm able to take care of my family. I'm also able to get to my office in 2 minutes. It couldn't be more perfect. My partner does all the easy returns as she is still in training. I do all the hard ones - 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990T. We also do alot of incorporations here in the state of texas. We help our business owners decide what is the best entity for their business and situation and then we file all the paperwork for them. We charge far less than an attorney does and then we of course automatically will have the tax return that comes off of that. I've done many many estate and trust returns also. I'm a well rounded tax preparer. I've got education and I have lots of working experience. Our business is booming. We started it in the biggest recession. We made all the right decisions and our practice is growing so fast that aren't sure we have enough manpower for the next tax season so we are already preparing our backup plan. I think what our clients like the most is I'm good at making them understand the tax mumbo jumbo. I know when that glazed look comes over their face and will act accordingly. While our main service is tax preparation, our main goal is to help the businesses be successful and meet their own goals.

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Thank you!


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