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VAT - Is there a deduction for it?VAT Refundable?VAT Return for Netherlands entity
VAT Tax-Canadian Sales TaxVA Disability Has Been Included on 1099-RVA Individual, Sole Member in DC LLC
VA ResidencyVA SMLLC with CA Non-Resident MemberVA Trust Question
VA disability; do I need a 1099-R?VA disability award letterVA loan on rental property - short sale
VA resident & non-resident returnsVA tax preparers-nonresident incomeVBCPA? are you there?
VIRGINIA NOL CARRYBACK?VITA's commit tax fraud all over the countryVITA Sites
VSIP - Voluntary Separation Incentive PaymentVT Like-Kind ExchangeVT taxing wages earned during business trip?
VUL to VA (loss recognized)Vacant Commercial Real EstateVacant Land deductions
Vacant Lot - 121 ExclusionVacant Real Estate Tax in New YorkVacant Rental
Vacant Rental - Deduct Expenses?Vacant Rental PropertyVacant land in S Corp
Vacant land with rental propertyVacant rental propertiesVacant rental property
Vacation/Rental turned to 100% Vacation home then soldVacation?Vacation Home/Advance Rent
Vacation Home Casualty loss from Hurricane DennisVacation Home Owned by PartnershipVacation Home Personal Use
Vacation Home RulesVacation Home Rules & Section 469Vacation Home Rules - Number of Days Rented
Vacation Home Sanity CheckVacation Home VariationVacation Home as Investment Property??
Vacation Home varies year by year
Vacation Homes & 1031Vacation Homes with multiple ownersVacation Rental Sold at Loss
Vacation and Rental HomeVacation for part-time staff?Vacation home, additional rental properties and passive loss rules
Vacation home-to joint ownership- to saleVacation home/time shareVacation home & Bolton
Vacation home carryover of expensesVacation home expense allocationVacation home expenses
Vacation home in Mexican Fideicomiso soldVacation home rental - can it ever become schedule C income?Vacation home rented for 1.25 yearw later sold
Vacation home short sale question. Personal reporting?Vacation home to 100% rentalVacation property rented 14 days?
Vacation rental income and expenseVacation time shareValPak Advertising
Valid income to corp?
Validation and S corpsValuation Brand Name Intangible Asset
Valuation QuestionValuation of Closely Held CorporationValuation of LLC Gift
Valuation of Public Stock for 1099-Misc HELP!Valuation of Real Estate in EstateValuation of S corporation shares
Valuation of Stocks and Options for an S CorporationValuation of Unrealized ReceivablesValuation of Web Site
Valuation of business inventory upon deathValuation of employee auto useValuation of options on 706
Valuation of real estate listingsValue Added Tax DeductionValue and depreciation
Value inventory for 501(c)(3)Value of Image and the 706Value of Payment in Kind
Value of Real Estate = Land, Building, Other...Value of Real Estate Contributed to a Single Member LLCValue of accounting practice
Value of air frequent flyer mileage for charitable contributions...Value of co. auto to employee
Value of convenience storeValue of expired calls for 1041 estate return
Value of gift of Real EstateValue of housing and foreign wagesValue of lead for tax prep work.
Value of private company stockValue of silent auction donationsValue of sweat equity
Value of tax practice after deathValue of trade in vehicle for a dealershipValue of trip added to 1099MISC
Valuing InventoryValuing Unprofitable Sub-S for Family Stock TransferValuing inventory on a non-profit
Vampires Gone Wild: Blue Moon ToniteVan pool creditVanguard Error Generating CP2501 Notice
Vanishing Refunds in GAVariable: Deviant Theology & Oil PricesVariable Annuity
Variable annuitiesVariable annuity to trustVariable interest entity related parties
Various Revenue Realization MethodsVatican Official Arrested. Pope in Dangerous WatersVatican Orders Purge of Catholic Nuns
Vatican Outsources to BishopsVehicleVehicle-Actual Cost Method vs. Income Inclusion on W2
Vehicle (actual versus standard)Vehicle - 2 businesses
Vehicle Basis (Extended warranty costs)Vehicle Broker & Std rate per mileVehicle Deduction - Depreciate vs. Standard Mileage Deduction
Vehicle Depreciable BasisVehicle DepreciationVehicle Donated to Partnership
Vehicle Donation to Charity Not Sold Prior to Tax FilingVehicle Expense for Vehicle Owned by Someone ElseVehicle Expenses - Unusual Scenario
Vehicle Expenses for an S CorpVehicle LeaseVehicle Lease Buyout.
Vehicle Lease Inclusion & Officers life insuranceVehicle Lease payments, writing offVehicle Like-Kind Exchange
Vehicle Like-Kind Exchange and Lacerte Input ?Vehicle MileageVehicle Question
Vehicle Sales Tax DeductionVehicle Trade In
Vehicle deduction specialty useVehicle depreciation recapture- which year?
Vehicle expenseVehicle expenses with office in home
Vehicle for ParaplegicVehicle for business
Vehicle lease...Vehicle lease restrictions?Vehicle nightmare for an LLC
Vehicle not owned by S CorpVehicle purchase timing of deductionVehicle purchased by owner but not under company name
Vehicle questionVehicle sales tax credit - delayed delivery but contract signed 2/16/09Vehicle subject to loan distributed to S corp Owner
Vehicle trade in dilemmaVehicle traded in for leaseVehicle transfer
Vehicle used: best time to sell after New Year?Vehicles - S Corp SH (I'm sorry - I know this topic has been discussed, but I need help with the details.)Vehicles for Emergency use
Vehicles over 6,000 poundsVehicles using standard mileageVending Machine Depreciable Life
Vending Machine Depreciation LifeVendor DonationVendor allowance to pay for fixed assets
VentingVenting - Dream the impossibleVenting about phone tax refund
Venting on IRS Notice "you may be eligible for a refund"Verification Link for advance $250/500 Make Work Tax Credit
Verification of EmploymentVerification of self employment for lendorVerifying Estimates
Verifying Pensions & DepositsVeriha
Vermont Property Transfer TaxVernon Jacobs, CPAVerrifying correct understanding of NOL - carryforward
Very Late S ElectionVery Small PartnershipVery very close
Very confused!-New PTIN and EFIN requirements and Specified tax return preparer question!Very funny but true Video, "I want a Big refund"Very interesting interview on Youtube
Very old stock quotes -- back to 1966Very private question in a public forumVery useful
Vested and Unvested K-1Veterans Matured Endowment Contract
Veterans Tax Credits - New bill signed 11/21/11Veterans life in gross estate?Viable solution for excess contributions to Roth?
Viatical Investment ?Viatical contracts
Viaticals/Life settlements ordinary income?Viaticals & Investors
Viaticals ?Vibrating-bed inventor stilled
Vibrator May Cure PrediabetesVice Pres, 50% shareholde of s corp wants outVictim of Schemes
Video and DVD Rental StoreVie Partners and Expense Reduction TrainingViewing next subject
Views - What happened?Vineyard & Winery & Inventory (Rev Proc 2001-10)Vineyard Depreciation
Vintage car sale trigger capital gains?Virgin Island EICVirgin Island Source Income
Virgina P/Y Return - Deduction for RE TaxesVirginia & Section 179 - Nonresident Pass-Through EntityVirginia 529 carryover
Virginia Customer ServiceVirginia Disability Income?Virginia Part Year Allocation
Virginia S Corp Help PleaseVirginia Statute of limitationVirginia Tech Tragedy
Virginia income tax e fileVirginia treatment of Treasury interestVirtual Taxes?
Virtual XP in Windows 7Virtual officeVirus Heads Up
Visa/ Freelance Tax QuestionVisual artist art supplies as current deductionVitamin/Herbal Supplements deductible?
Vlaution of A Consulting Engineering CompanyVocabulary...Vocabulary II: spelling and punctuation and grammar and usage and whatever...
Void invoices versus bad debts
Voided 2012 Payroll checkVoided or Failed Asset AcquisitionVoided paycheck reissued in subsequent year
Voided special needs adoption - repay credit?Voiding of new health care law yesterday
Voiding stale dated payroll checks, punch, cookies, Jim Jones, china, coffee, cat food and unclaimed property
Volume DiscountVoluntarily Overstating IncomeVoluntarily taking less than the FTHBC allowed
Voluntary Classification Settlement ProgramVoluntary DisclosureVoluntary Disclosure - new account
Voluntary Disclosure for Mexican Fideicomiso?Voluntary Installment AgreementVoluntary Repossession 1099-A
Voluntary allocation of Trust Fund PenaltyVoluntary disclosure -- MississippiVoluntary disclosure agreements
Voluntary employee benefit associationVolunteer FirefighterVolunteer Travel Expenses Deductible?
Volunteer expensesVolunteer expenses-childcareVolunteer travel expenses of dependent
Volunteering at SCOREVolunteers making tips in Orginization Bar
Vote Now, Vote Often!Vote early, vote often.Vote here
Voter IDW-11 and cousin
W-2's for missionairesW-2's from a Bankrupt company
W-2, Box 14W-2, Box 14, PPO DeductW-2/1099's might/might not have been filed...
W-2/W-3 CopiesW-2: Wrong SSN - Employer wants to charge to change it!W-2C
W-2C for 2003 Payroll???W-2G Gambling Income problemsW-2G inputs/Proseries?
W-2VI, U.S. Virgin Islands W-2W-2 & 1099 Software recommendations wantedW-2 & Simple IRA
W-2 - error ?W-2 AND 1099??W-2 Box 10
W-2 Box 10 Dependent Care benefits, not claiming dependentW-2 Box 13 Retirement Plan
W-2 Box 14W-2 Box 14- Code AA- Roth IRAW-2 Box 14 "E" Code
W-2 Box 14 "Other"W-2 Box 14 QuestionsW-2 Code W is incorrect
W-2 Data Entry IssueW-2 Double Taxation Need Help From IL CPA'sW-2 Download
W-2 Efile Rejection?W-2 Employee and Formal OfficesW-2 FROM CANADA & US
W-2 Filing for household employeesW-2 For Foreign Resident Aliens
W-2 Income SeparationW-2 Income and Basis in S-Corporation

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