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Posting to old discussions

Hi, about 3 days ago, you posted a follow-up question at the end of a consumer question from 2008. We're working on a way to make sure people don't get these old consumer questions in their search results, but in the meantime you have to check at the top of the discussion, before you add a post to it, and make sure it says "Tax Questions" (or basic tax questions, advanced tax questions) before you add a new question to the end. There's no problem with bumping old discussions in general (unless they're really long or twisty), but if you want a response you do kind of need to make sure they're actually in the forum people read most of the time.

You may want to do another search and look for info on your issue, in which case, just add "-consumer" (including the quotes and the minus sign) to exclude consumer questions. And read the results from the bottom, up, since the discussions started most recently are at the end of the list - it's not a best-match algorithm. Here are some other Hints and Tips on How to Search on TaxAlmanac, in case they're helpful, too.

I'm about to move that discussion you posted to, so I'll paste the question you had here:

"Just got off the phone with the IRS - I had thought that parnterships with no income and expenses do not have to file a partnership return. The rep told me that is correct as long as it's not an LLC that is classifed as a partnership. Is that correct? Seems illogical."

Trillium 19:06, 1 March 2011 (UTC) - (if you have questions about this, reply to me by clicking here)

Info on Bankruptcy

Thanks for your note on my discussion page. Regarding your client who went through bankruptcy, you might want to read my article, “Reducing Tax Attributes Due to Canceled Debt Income Exclusion,” which you can download from the Tax Articles page of my website. DaveFogel 01:03, 12 September 2012 (UTC)


ZL28, I assume the message in my Discussion page is from you, though it is not signed. I have not looked at "84-35", but it seems to me that what they propose to do accomplishes nothing, in that the one partner is really a nominee for the partnership. What would be your objection to electing out of partnership treatment under 761? Seems to meet the requirements. Podolin 23:16, 13 December 2012 (UTC)

I hope you don't mind my... little nip and tuck here and there in your post. A good message deserves to be easily read.

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