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- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator 10:13, 9 February 2006 (CST)



Hi WKS, I am not interested in getting the CPA designation because 1) I don't have the 150 hour accounting course requirement 2) I don't want to apprentice for 2 years for someone I already know more than 3) The vast majority of the public doesn't care. Those that do go elsewhere (builders who need audited financial statements). 4) Your clients care more about your fairness to them and ability to handle their problems. 5) I don't want to do "accounting".

You can already represent taxpayers as an EA, your license is nationwide. Why would you need a more limited state license unless you want to do audited financial statements? (most CPAs don't even do the one thing they can do that I can't).

It has never been a problem for me. ALTHOUGH I will admit that the CPAs have the better marketing than EAs as far as name recognition.

When it comes down to working with the IRS, they respect the EA very well.

I know people who have both designations. They say the only thing the CPA behind their name gets them is profession name recognition.

also from queens

Just thought I'd say hi.

I didn't go to Molloy, but if the school is the one i think it is, I passed it every morning. Is it the school at Main St and Queens Blvd? My first apartment when I moved out of my mother's house was down the block from it and I walked down the subway stairs to tevery morning as the students were coming up the stairs.

I went to Newtown HS, class of '73, then Queens College, class of 77.

I grew up in Queens and lived there til I moved to CA in 1987.

The New Tax Guy (

Nurses taxes

what a creative way to get them to open the letter!!! I love it!

Yes, I think it should be effective. Here is another idea to go along with it: once you get ONE nurse, find out when her lunch break is (might be on evening shift) - offer to go in and do a 15 minute talk about special deductions and taxes for nurses for all of his/her co-workers at no charge. I have heard of people doing this for graveyard/night shift and the NURSES LOVE IT because no one else comes to see them, and they love the attention!!

Possibly there is more than one local hospital, with separate nurses groups for each floor, for each shift, so you could work this into 10-20 presentations and get lots of nurses!

good luck Kevinh5

Moved your jokes

Thought that jokes were better suited for Chat than for Tax Questions - hope that's okay with you.


Trillium 14:37, 5 March 2009 (CST)

EA Exam


Thank you, I will take your suggestion and I know that if I have any questions that I can ask you or any number of other EA's out there.


EA Exam Background check

Hi Will,

Is the suitability test the same as the background check that the IRS does before you are accepted as an EA?

Nevermind, just answered my own question.  :)

Moving discussion to Business Growth/Practice Management Forum

Hi, thanks for starting the discussion on Unpaid Fees. I'm going to move it over to the Business Growth Community forum (this forum is also where practice management discussions are) so that it can be more easily found by others who need the info in the future. It'll also stay on page 1 of that forum longer, giving more people a chance to see it.

(We've been trying to keep the tax forum limited to actual tax questions since about the start of the year, although for the last few days I didn't bother watching for it, I must admit.)

Just wanted to let you know where your discussion had gone.

Trillium 11:10, 17 April 2009 (CDT)

Review Report for Non Profit

We can provide the Review Report. The fee will be approximately $1,500. Let me know if you have questions.

Jim DeMinno, CPA 337 N Main Street Ste 13 New City, NY 10956 845-638-4527

Re: new business and EA exam

Thanks for your advice, I am in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have to admit, since I had been let go, I was not in the mood to study for the EA. But with yours and everyone else's encouraging words, I will pick up the EA materials I have and start studying them again though I have no business tax experience, I think that part is going to be the toughest on me.


Genevieve Fontana

Tax Season - Early Feedback discussion

Hi, you started this discussion on the tax forum, but it seems like a good general practice management topic. It was way at the bottom of page 2 of the tax forum index, so I've shifted it over to the Practice management/Business growth forum so that it can stay active longer.

FYI - you can start topics on the PM/BG forum, too, in fact it's a lot quicker in that forum, as we don't have the screens for non-pros and the "search first" reminder there; so for your discussions that aren't really a technical taxation issue, consider starting the discussion right on PM/BG in the first place! (There's quite a bit of activity on PM/BG these days - it's not like the Tax Forum is the only "happening place" any more.)

You can still get to your discussion via the "my contributions" link at the upper right corner of your screen.

Trillium 20:54, 11 February 2010 (CST)

Your new Q is a great PM/BG question!

Hi - I really like the topic of the question you just started - that should be interesting to watch unfold. But it's not a tax question- it's an excellent practice management/business growth question. I'll move it over to the proper forum; just wanted to let you know where it was going and why. You can still get to it via the "my contributions" link in the upper right corner of your screen.

Trillium 11:10, 25 March 2010 (CDT)

Ireland Rental


I have a client who has a rental property in Ireland. I found that you had a similar situation. My client is a US Citizen and does not have any other ties to Ireland except his heritage and this rental property.

What did you end up doing? I understand I need to file a schedule E, but any guidance on how you proceeded with the Ireland return?

I appreciate it! RachelRachelemmc 17:16, 23 September 2010 (CDT)

Your last new Q is another great PM/BG question!

Hi - your "6 keys" post is another excellent practice management question. Like the other one (see note above), I've moved it over to the proper forum, since it's not a tax question. You can still get to it via the "my contributions" link in the upper right corner of your screen. You can actually post directly to the practice management/business growth forum, and it's three steps shorter, too!

Trillium 01:01, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for responding to my post regarding fees. I am entering my third tax season, starting from scratch. I generally charge a fee per schedule starting with $65 for an 1040EZ and $85 for a regular 1040. With each schedule having a fee associated, the more complex the return is, the more I will charge. My clients range in age from 24-29. I would love to be able to bounce ideas off you back and forth, regarding fees, marketing, tax prep and others and that is why I replied to you individually.

Thanks again, Eric

Visiting nearby business

Hi Wkstaxprep,

I am reading your post a few years ago about visiting nearby business. I am thinking of doing the same thing. Have you been successful? Do you target at certain business?

Thanks in advance for sharing,

Shelly (xz)

End of the forum

You may have heard by now that the Tax Almanac ( ) web site forum is permanently closing its doors effective June 1. Perhaps you have seen the pink bombshell “Important Service Announcement” when logging in.

Long-time TA user ChrisV2 has volunteered to set up a new website where TA users may continue the discussion. The site is up and running now and has an active base of contributors.

We invite you to take a look and join your fellow TA refugees.

Frankly (TA member and new member of TaxProTalk)

Frankly 23:51, 3 May 2014 (UTC)

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