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Revenue Rulings

Answering on behalf of Tim Doyle:

Try, a good alternative to, as noted on the front page of TaxAlmanac's revenue rulings table of contents. Here's a direct link to Rev. Rul. 59-162: Rev. Rul. 59-162, but it may expire after a while (many of legalbitstream's links do), in which case go to the main site, into the revenue rulings section, and search 1959 for 59-162. Should pop right up.

Have no info on (an unaffiliated site), but even the IRS and DOL are still linking to it as a current site, so I imagine that there may just be a temporary issue preventing access.

While I'm here - I'll ask you to take a minute and update your profile (user page) to include some information about your background and level of experience as a tax preparer. In the discussion forums, questions from users without profiles are often ignored, and in fact they are subject to being moved to the consumer forum. So it's worth the time!


Trillium 14:59, 8 February 2009 (CST)

Your duplicate discussion will be deleted soon.

Please see Discussion:Late filing penalty for c corp; you had plenty to go on there; no need to repost. In fact, see FAQ #21 for why reposting hurts you, rather than helps.

You can click on the "my contributions" list at the top right of your screen to quickly locate prior discussions you've started.

Trillium 12:43, 22 May 2012 (UTC)

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