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IRS letter

Please email me your IRS


Maybe I know you? I used to be in Woodstock GA and Marietta?

Kevin Huston, EA Kevinh5

S-corp dissolution

I saw your comment on an inactive C-corp, and I wondered if the same applies to a S-corp. I have a S-corp in Florida, and this past year it was basically inactive. The nature of my business was profoundly affected by the economy in Florida. I am going (thinking) to dissolve the S-corp with the state, and do a final report and a 966 with the feds indicating I am doing the same with them. My question is: Is there such a thing as an "inactive" status I could maintain with the IRS without disolving the S-corp If I remain current on my Florida dues for S-corp with the state? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry

Cosmetic Surgery after weight loss

My wife was diagnosed to be obese and had high blood pressure, Diabetes and a slew of other medial issues (all weight related) so she had gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 pounds (and all the medical issues) and later had the extra handing skin removed. I'm looking at all the information on the internet in regards to tax deductibility and it seems that her procedures are reasonable. I would really like to know what the IRS response to you was. If you could please email me at what the IRS had to say, it would be greatly appreciated.

Help with an Offer In Compromise

Dear TaxNerd: I saw your post at:

   I would like to speak with someone about reviewing two lump-sum Offers in Compromise forms 656 that I have prepared myself: one for me personally and one for my S-corp.  I was supposed to submit the latter by yesterday, with the personal OIC to follow soon after.  Would it be possible to speak sometime today?  I apologize for the short notice.

   Do you offer hourly pricing for relatively small projects like this one where I'm filling out all the paperwork myself?

   I've been a CPA myself (which means that I obviously should have known better than to get myself into this mess in the first place), so I understand all the tax concepts involved, but in addition to having someone review my offer and provide advice, in addition to answering some specific questions.  If you send me your e-mail address, I'll attach the forms 433-A and 433-B that I filled out, as well as some other background information so that you can decide whether you're interested in this engagement.

   I can be reached at 215-713-0378 or at  Thanks.

hi tax nerd.

im wondering about driver per diems. we are a trucking co out of san francisco, ca. we do live entertainment gear & trade shows. our drivers go from one end of the country to the other & canada too. would the heography change the perdiem? can these drivers be taxed on per diems? is there a cap on the amount they can recv for food & lodgin? if they get hotel buy outs can they still get a seperate perdiem? i have so so many questions!

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