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non paying clients

Pursuant to Section 10.34 of United States Treasury Department Circular Number 230 - Title 31 Code of Federal Regulations, I prepared the tax returns of the above individual and/or business or businesses. I signed them as PAID PREPARER and/or REPRESENTATIVE. The tax returns, including all attachments, were filed and attested to by the signature statement regarding penalties of law and correctness, and state that the return or returns are based upon all information of which I have any knowledge. I have in separate letter stated the terms for prompt payment of the balance due. To date you have not complied with those terms. The amount due at this time is shown above. Unless I receive payment in full by _______ SPECIFIC DATE, I will be forced to notify the Internal Revenue Service and the YOUR STATE TAXING DEPARTMENT of the inaccuracy in the reporting of PAID PREPARER and REPRESENTATIVE information on the above referenced tax returns. Wayne

Hi- It is Martineo- First name : Orlando

I was 2 years with Block. Around 800 returns- intermediate level. Just personals. I have my EA , but I have no idea about how to do corporations. This season I made around 40 returns -personales, just one schedulle C- using tax wise. This insurance office have a franshise with EXPRESSTAX. Maybe I can join you one other saturday. $10.00 an hour would be enought if I found that I'm learning interesting stuff. Orlando

Hi- From Orlando

In this moment, I cannot get a part time job and a full time at the same time. After 18 month doing insurance, I think I'm facing a professional crisis. I hate a job where 3 or 4 clients every week, or every month, are complaining and threatenen to sue for any reason. Also, they call us for everything, they do not explain properly the situation ,,,,

answering the phone and taking client at the same time is a nightmare--No answer machine is allowed.

Also, our supervisers are giving us a hard time whatever we do. I'm not sleeping properly- stress of the job Problem, it is hard to find a full time job in taxation. I wiil take some days on vacation next month, to get a relax,,, and to study for my CE in insurance. See you, Orlando

Backup withholding

Thank you for the response.

Garth (Atax) Atax 14:40, 21 June 2006 (CDT)

Web Site for FTP

Foreign stuff

Hey Sandy...where you been today? I've been holding this Michael guy off, hoping you'd show up! Check the LLC partner--foreign thread...need your insight.

Foreign Corp. Member in an LLC.


Sounds like you're definitely the expert on Canadian/Foreign tax issues. I'd love to get some of your help so I can structure my client's LLC correctly...I've been doing the research on RIA, but I'd like some input from someone who has practical experience.

I'd be happy to compensate you for your time and expertise - just let me know what you would require. I would hate to keep milking you for free info on this Bulletin Board.

You can contact me directly at my work email:

Best regards,

Michael Lim

Canadian Corporation


Thanks for the speedy response - I hope you are enjoying your tax subsidized vacation to the Bahamas! :)

It really should be quite simple, but I am just unfamiliar with the rules. I am helping in the formation of a 4 person LLC.

One of the members is in the US under her Husband's H-1 Visa. She lives here full time. She cannot technically work and receive conpensation, so all of her independent contractor work gets paid to her Canadian Corporation.

Given her status, I was planning on making the Canadian Corporation a member of the LLC. She will not be doing management for the LLC, just mainly consulting and working with the other members to add her expertise in web design.

My questions are as follows:

1.) What are the reporting requirements for the new LLC? Do they file a 1042-S for payments to the Canadian Corporation? Do they have to withhold from this, or does the tax treaty exempt this?

2.) I am going to obtain an EIN for the Canadian corporation so it can receive the K-1. Does the individual who owns it have any filing requirements if no payments from the LLC are going to her directly?

This is just a stop gap measure - she will most likely become an American citizen next year, and close down her Canadian corporation (she will then transfer the ownership from the corporation to her personally).

My goals are:

1.) Making sure I meet all the compliance requirements for US and Canada. 2.) Don't make any payments or do any actions that would be prohibited for the individual, since she does not currently have a work Visa. 3.) Make sure I look at any tax consequences for her as an individual.

Hope that makes sense...again, if it requires more of your time than a simple answer, I would be glad to work something out for you.



Hi Sandy, would you please help me on a foreign investor issue?

Hi Sandy,

My name is Wei. I saw your article on the discussion board and figure that you should be the the person who can give me the answer I am seeking for for long.

When you have time, would you please go to:

My username is mygod1979.

Thank you in advance & have a very nice weekend,


Hi Sandy!

Hello Sandy! I was just thinking earlier today that I hadn't seen you on the site in a while. Glad you're back! Go kick off your shoes and relax after that long drive!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 18:00, 20 August 2006 (CDT)

FTP discussion item question

Hi Sandy, I am new to Tax Almanac. I left a question on your discussion item regarding your FTP account usage, etc. Can you give me some info re that? I also tried to go to your website at but it said "I was forbidden". Is there another way for me to visit your web site? Thank you for your help.

Jim H. (jimhirsch)

Thank you, Sandysea :-)

Hi Sandysea,

Thank you for answering my question long long time ago (Sorry I did not reply for long) I was too busy for a lot of things. Having my own business is not as easy as I thought, sometime just like pain in the ass, ha. I just post a new article in hope that it can help a little the discussion at:

Since I did not put the theory in practice yet, I am not 100% sure it is correct. When you have time, would you please help to check if I said everything correct?

And here is a quick question for you: If I have a Taiwan company as a member in my LLC, should my LLC file the tax return for the Taiwan company? And should the taiwan company take into account their gain & loss outside the states when doing the US tax? or, they should only count the gain & loss in the states?

Thank you again & have a very nice one,

BTW, my E-mail is I am in Winston Salem, North Carolina right now. My official website will be up at soon (It is a beta version now). Hope that we can keep in touch.

Wei :-)


Wow. Bahamas. Maine. Jump on a sailboat for me, eat lobster every day for lunch. (It's cheaper at's dream...) We honeymooned there, and I have a slide of every lighthouse anywhere near....enjoy yourself. Stay out of Canada eh. Jeff JR1 14:09, 20 September 2006 (CDT)


Hey, you're supposed to be in Maine..let's see, lunchtime...eating a $5 lobster right now!!

Maine more...

We honeymooned in Maine, dreamed about driving for months afterwards...all we did was drive! Will never forget finally getting into the state late on day 2, having stopped at Niagra for night 1...figuring we'd hit a little diner in this town called Waldoboro. I figured, based on the maps I had, that we were 30-45 min away from Bar Harbor. In that little diner, was a huge map of Maine. And I about died. You see, on the highway maps, what looks like a straight line up the coast, in fact is a weaving, winding line in and out of every little cove and town with a 20 mph speed limit...took us three hours. Very late night! Other than the place. So...plan accordingly!

Hello Sandy

Hi Sandy:

Nice to hear from you :) When you're passing through New Hampshire, feel free to give me a call and stop in my office if you'd like - I'll treat you to some coffee or we can go grab a quick lunch! I am in Manchester, NH, which is the largest City in the State and, basically, the financial center. If you're coming through at night, my fiancee and I are usually around....

I can be reached at 603-620-1961 (Mobile) and 603-621-9156 (Office).

The forum seems like a great way to connect with other professionals - I've enjoyed our dialogue.....

Talk to you soon.


Potential Client...

Hello Sandysea,

I am trying to get in contact with you regarding your consulting services. I sent you an email also to the email account posted on your profile page.

You can get in touch with me at

I look forward to hearing from you.



Welcome back

Stuffed with lobster I hope? JR1


Well, I'm a Packers fan, so rejoice that the overrated and arrogant Bears got some humility lessons, which they missed with Arizona a few Monday nights back. And to the Dolphins. Ouch.... Hope all is well mom in Stuart is apparently facing some minor surgery..more news today. JR1

My Mom

Surgery on her thyroid scheduled for Nov. 29...doc seems convinced that this tumor on her thyroid isn't malignant, and even if it is, no biggie...there's oral meds they can take for it. So all good news it seems. 4-5 days of recovery, then back to work. She's still working...born 72 this month. Jeff oh JR1



I would have no problem with you uploading a couple of pictures here. More than that probably isn't a good idea though. Just click the Upload file link on the left of the page.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 20:05, 7 November 2006 (CST)

Your Request


I have removed your son's phone number and changed his email address as you requested. Unfortunately, what has probably happened is that a spam site has 'scraped' the email address from that page and added it to its database. Even though it has now been deleted here, the spammers most likely aren't going to remove it from their database.

If you need someone to contact you directly on TaxAlmanac, have them go to your user page and click the E-mail this user link in the toolbox on the left. That allows them to send their information to you without having to know your information themselves. Once you've made contact, you can them email each other using your regular email programs. This is a great feature that not many people know about. It allows people to contact each other without giving their contact information to the world.

Sorry to hear about your son't problems, and I wish there was more that I can do.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 20:15, 7 November 2006 (CST)



Do I have your permission to add your two photographs to your user page so others can view them?

They look great!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 16:17, 10 November 2006 (CST)



Take a look at your user page and let me know what you think. Feel free to edit your page and add descriptions.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 09:37, 11 November 2006 (CST)

Kraza's Message

Thank you sandysea for commenting on my question. I wish you good luck with your International clients.

- Kraza

Ethical Advertising Question

I am having some trouble with a new business. I am concerned because the large advertising expense will erode profits for the first year of operations and I know that to obtain financing you will be required to submit an income statement prepared based on absorption costing. A manager approached me about a way to improve profits so it will be easier to obtain financing for future operations. The manager suggested that I have the controller classify the large advertising expense as a product cost, similar to materials and labor. How would classifying advertising expense as a product cost improve profits? Is this approach ethical? Is it legal? Thanks for your time, I saw you posted a lot and maybe could help me.

--Cjwillie 12:16, 17 November 2006 (CST)

Thank you!


Thank you for welcoming User:Cjwillie to TA and for providing her so much information! I really do appreciate that. This is a great example of the wonderful community that has formed here.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 13:26, 17 November 2006 (CST)




Thanks for the greeting, Sandysea! I also hope more people will post their pictures. Yea, that's funny about JR. I just edited my info a little, because I overestimated my client base. Nice to meet you, too!


Deback 12:33, 6 December 2006 (CST)

Request for information

Hi Sandy,

I was reading a post by you on the topic of tax issues for payments to foreign company where. Can you send me the material you have regarding this. My email is

I have to make payment to a company in India as they had done all the programming for a new project.

Below is your post.

Regards, David.

Hi Uncle!!

There are numerous articles and inferences to international taxation; if a foreign individual does not have a tax home in the US (residency or the like) then the US does not tax that individual on income. Because of this, a US entity which pays a non US entity for outsourcing does not need to issue a w-8BEN or any other form of reporting since this person or entity is not liable for taxation in the US.

If you like, you can email me and I can give to you some sources that I have been researching for some international clients...I don't think Tim allows us to post copyrighted material here...:)



I love your comment to me. I also think that there probably is something that we can do. I'd rather the solution wasn't a set of rules that I or Intuit forces on everyone. Instead, I'd like the community to come up with something like a Code of Conduct. If the community created it, it would hold more weight than if the Intuit Corporation mandated it. Even then, there is probably a role for me to play in helping to bring the community together to create something like this. I'm going to think this one through a little bit more, but expect to hear more from me soon. I just didn't want you to think that I was ignoring your comment.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 15:10, 11 December 2006 (CST)

Code of Conduct


Take a look at Discussion:Code of Conduct.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 09:29, 12 December 2006 (CST)



I captured the following quote from you a while back:

"I have found that this site has been so valuable to me...more so than all the books on my wall or all the research online. This site is readily accessible and it gives you a vantage point to research further on many topics. Thank you Intuit!!" - Sandysea, 11/11/06

Do I have your permission to use this in an email I am going to be sending out to TaxAlmanac registered users who haven't been back recently?


- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 16:34, 19 December 2006 (CST)

More Quotes

Thank you, Sandy! Have you seen the quotes that I collect? Take a look at TaxAlmanac:Community Feedback. Each time I see someone comment on TA, I add it to this page.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 16:39, 19 December 2006 (CST)

Sandy, Vero Atlantic or Gulf side

Sorry, I'm too lazy to look at a map :), is Vero north of Jacksonville on the Atlantic side, or are you on the Gulf? Very interesting that you have been able to develop some international clients. My roommate in college was from Costa Rica, and naturally, they consider South Florida a part of South America... I was down in Lauderdale 2 years ago, and I was totally shocked. I mean, it looked like New York, and then I drove up the beach all the way to Palm Beach with a friend. I don't think I've ever seen so much money floating around in my life. It has certainly turned into an interesting state. Sandy, I remember as a kid going down to Destin, and I mean, it was a true fishing village! I remember when real Greeks lived in Tarpon Springs!!! I'm from GA, Atlanta. I have a few foreign legal clients here in Atlanta, but not as tax clients. They always tickle me because they think that anything can be done....i.e. the law itself is a mere obstacle to be errr manipulated. Always enjoy your posts.

Fishing Tournament for special kids

I'm Suzie Davidson and I post as Bottom Line on Tax Almanac. I saw in a recent thread that you have a child with autism. I'm on the Board of Make a Difference Fishing Tournaments which does fishing tournaments for children with physical and/or mental challenges. We have a spring tournament in Dania Beach with the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), a spring tournament in Largo (near Clearwater) and a fall tournament in Clearwater. There is no cost to the kids. It's just a day of fun!! I know you're a bit of a drive from these sites but thought you'd be interested.

- - - ---- ---- - - -

Heh... Thanks Sandy. Might was well have some fun out of this dull sport we call a job. I better watch myself after Christmas though, so as not to attract attention from the management. Oh well, I was always in trouble in school too, as I remember. I do cringe though whenever the home office thing comes up in my practice, asI find us preparers have to spead a lot of busy time over it, and never, ever get paid for the time! What's new huh? Oh yes, I look forward to some of us kindred souls keeping things lively in the coming year!!!!--CrowJD 10:51, 24 December 2006 (CST)

Thank you!

Thank you, Sandy! Have a very Merry Christmas!!


Where do they come from?

Can you believe the questions we are getting today, and from supposed tax preparers and accountants?

Directions to a post


There are two ways that you can search for this. If you replied to the post, you can click on the my contributions link in the upper right-hand corner. That will list every edit that you have made. You can click next 50 repeatedly until you see it, or you can select the link to display 500 at a time. Doing a search through your browser on a word in the title of the topic might work well.

Another way would be to use the search at the top right of the discussion forum index and search on a word that you think might be anywhere in the article.

Another way would be to select the Advanced Search link on the left and use the Google Search there. You can enter multiple words, "phrase searches", etc.

Good luck!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 09:49, 28 December 2006 (CST)


Happy tax season to you too!

Nothing screwy is going on - Deb has been categorizing the discussions! I've been working with her to see what we could do about adding category tags to the discussions - check any of the 'strange' discussions that she's edited and look at the bottom. See the categories? Click that to see all other discussions and topical pages that are also in that category.

I haven't told anyone else about this yet as there is an issue we need to be aware of. Anytime a discussion is changed it moves to the top of the list. I've asked Deb to not edit too many old discussions as it would really confuse people who are trying to reply to new discussions. You can read her user talk page for the information on how you can join in if you're interested. I'll be creating a "Categorizing Club" page for people who want to join in, but until I get that done, my messages to her on her talk page are all that there is.

Thanks for noticing and informing me of the 'weirdness' going on! I appreciate it!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 14:42, 8 January 2007 (CST)

Tsk Tsk

I couldn't resist! LOL here

Letter of Engagement - Bookkepping

Hi Sandy, Could you please e-mail me a sample letter of engagement for Bookkeeping business. I am starting Bookkeeping as a side services to my Tax preparation business. From the old thread I got your name. You had assistaed some TaxAlmanac user by screen name "BAYYOC." I checked at "" for letters, but could not find any related to bookkeeping. There I got good letters related to Tax business.

My e-mail address is:

Thanks and should you have any questions on this request, please give me a call at 510-579-7378. Inagpurwala 17:19, 14 January 2007 (CST)

Construction workers

take a look at my last meaningful posting under the constrution worker question, and the clarification by the person who originally asked the question, and perhaps you will not have to tear your hair out. Death&Taxes 08:54, 20 January 2007 (CST)Death & Taxes


Sandy - sorry you had a bad day yesterday! Hope today is much better!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 12:43, 20 January 2007 (CST)

Sandysea, you've a great sense of humour but again you're in FL. Talking about FL. The ilegals are all over the place, not just south of Orlando. They've been coming here to Jacksonville and St. Augustin steadily for the past 7 years 'cause of the contruction boom. In addition to all the Spanish speaking ilegal inmigrants you've to add Eastern Europeans, Russians, Brazilians, you name it! You said Canadians too? Cubans are allowed to work no matter what 'cause they enjoy a different inmigration status. But think about it, if there were no illegals who will be cutting our lawns, cleaning bathrooms at the mall? cleaning our homes? and a zillion of other low pay jobs around the country?

The question I wanted to ask you is this: contractor/bus. owner (in addition to his own employees) pays for IC workmens (spelling ?) comp, where on 1099 should this go? Box 8 or Box 3? or neither?

Thanks. Susana

forgot to enter my user name

Sandysea, I just left you a message about 1099s. Yes, I know WC is insurance.

I thought this message center was private but I guess we all can se everybody's messages. I signed Susana (my first name) but forgot to mention my user name is "yogafan00." My email I can't explain why my earlier post is mixed with Tim's.

Leased Employees-Owners bonus

1. Check with workmans comp agent to confirm that bonus will increase WC and by how much. 2. Corp wage payment may still be subject to WC. Check state law. 3. If leased wages for owner are over 97,000, wouldn't Corp payment double up Corp's share of SS & Med. 4. If leased wages to owner are accurate and if this is a S Corp, do S Corp distribution. 5. Is it time for the owner to buy a building for the corp and have the corp pay him rent with this extra cash?

Just some thoughts.

Mark Eason 10:39, 24 January 2007 (CST)

Hang in there!

Hang in there Sandy! Saw your post to JR1 (I sometimes feel like I am snooping! - sorry about that!). Hang in there... it'll all work out.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 15:03, 6 February 2007 (CST)


I receive your whine! What a putz. To hire a pro and willing to pay, gun to head, $15 whole dollars an hour. Whoooeee. Exciting, no? No. Maybe, just maybe, consider contracting out for a specific number of hours, like 10 or 20 so that you're not using up all your time on him, just taking what you can get, leaving plenty of time for more of your own work and whatever else comes to you.

Father, direct Sandy's path, give her wisdom and discernment, to know your will, to know when it's a helicopter from you or just an annoyance from the enemy. Send her some business, use her to help others, fill her up...bless her. In Jesus' name, Amen


Sandy, I hope you don't mind that I respond to the message you left for JR. You are worth a lot more than $15 per hour. That is evident from your postings on this forum. I like JR's suggestion of working a specific number of hours per week for this guy, but you need to set the rate -- whatever it is that you feel you need to make it worthwhile for you!

Since I've started my practice, I have had two experiences with working for/with others. I worked with one established CPA who had a tax/bookkeeping practice. Her business was growing; mine had just started. In addition, we knew each other before we started this relationship. I charged her $35 (or maybe it was $25 when we first started) per hour plus mileage reimbursement. She told me basically what she wanted done, and I did it in her office. It worked out quite well. After about a year, I had enough clients of my own that I stopped helping her out.

I also worked with another business consultant. His idea was that he would build a business/accounting model for contractors who work with the government. He needed assistance with QuickBooks, which is where I came in. I was supposed to bill him for my time, and he would pay me after he got paid from them. You might guess just from this that it did not work out well. I did not cover my needs. Cash flow was a big issue for me at that time. I had a hard time waiting for the payments. In addition, I spent A LOT of time educating him on QBs. And one really annoying thing was he would accept calls on his cell phone when we were in the middle of a conversation!!! (I hate cell phones.)

There are many ways you can handle this issue. Just make sure you cover yourself first.Natalie 19:42, 7 February 2007 (CST)Natalie

Your opportunity

It sounds like this guy is out to educate himself at your cost. I think I would say "no thank you." In some cases it's better to turn down these types of offers and avoid the future headaches associated with them.

You've got a great resource in your son. Not all of us have IT specialists we can turn to for free or nominal cost. (Did you see my post on Folder Lock?) I'm sure things will pick up for you. It's apparent you take the time to do things right, and when you do that, the other things will fall in line for you.

You might consider joining networking groups in your area to get the word out about your services. That helped me. I also have gotten some clients through the QBs referral system and other clients as well. I told myself when I started my practice that if worse came to worst, I could always accept a temp job with Robert Half. Luckily I haven't had to do that, but it's always an option.Natalie 12:25, 8 February 2007 (CST)Natalie

A quick tax question

Hi Sandy,

I hope I am not interfering with any forum rules by PM:ing you without any previous notification...? I have one tax question (or two, I believe the answer will be the same for them both) and I was wondering if I could bother you with them? I have tried to get an answer with the IRS but so far no luck.

Perhaps more info than is needed but my name is Patrick and I am currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. And no, I am not enjoying the winter here :-)

Best regards


Ok Here goes

Hi again and thank you very much, this seems like a great forum. Been spending all afternoon reading one interest article after the other :-)

I have followed a number of articles about the possibility for a non US resident to form a LLC company in, ie Delaware. To my defence I've have previously contacted the US IRS with my question but I recieved two different answers.

I am basicly trying to figure out that if I would incorporate a "Delaware LLC" and open a small business bank account in the US, would the profit (if any..) be taxed in the US? All business will be held outside of the US and all "source of income" would also be outside of the US.

The first very friendly IRS lady told me that: with the US business account, the LLC would pay tax on the profit nomatter if the source of origin was outside the US or not. However, with a foreign business account located anywhere but inside the US no tax would be imposed.

The second, still very friendly, IRS lady told me that as long as All Source Of Income was outside of the US borders, with No US citizen being a member of the LLC, with all Business conducted outside of the US, no US tax would be imposed on the profit. And that Whether the business account was located inside the US or not.

Being in my verbal situation (and the Long Distance cost) I did not feel like to refer to any earlier given information.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions where I should turn to? My next US visit will not be until after this summer so a visit to a US IRS office is not possible :-)

In return, I can arrange a Swedish model of the world famous "Dala Hästen", a traditional wooden statuette of a horse originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna, or a original bottle of Absolute Vodka. (However, I recommend the Vodka...)

Best regards


(My apologies for any spelling errors)

Hello Sandy!

My apologies for the delay in replying. My cat just got back home from a 3 day stay at the Veterinary (developed diabetes) so I am trying to watch over the little rascal. In 9/10 she spend her days sleeping on the desk but she moved downstairs. A Swede, spends alot of hours in front of the computer and a cat with diabetes. I guess that completes the picture :-)

Indeed, the business will be IT related. Developing certain security software and maintaining other IT services is some of the thoughts that has been brought up. I have friends here and there around the world and we thought it as a opportunity to link it all together in a "easy" maintained corporate body and to a fairly low cost (the company that is, expert advice on top of it is invaluable). Noone else but me has the time (and to be frank, I quite enjoy the world of tax questions & company setups etc) nor possibility to set a business up but what limits me is the tax/company system in Sweden. Due to the bureaucracy I cant have it interfere with my real work, nomatter what Swedish company type I select.

There is a number of different company types in Sweden (9 of them to be exact) but only one recommended which of course is the Limited Liability Company (Aktiebolag in Swedish). All good things comes with a price and in this case it is the company registration fee. A Swedish Limited Liability Company requires an investment of at least SEK 100 000 (around $14 300) invested in share capital. And with the Swedish LLC further costs & extreme bureaucracy comes along the way. So basicly, the US LLC would be a shortcut and a interesting test to our ideas.

I guess I now should point out all the benefits with a Swedish LLC but that is easier said than done :-)

The time is 1am here now which I suppose makes it 7pm your time. Happy Weekend Greetings!

Patrick 18:04, 9 February 2007 (CST)

Weekend Greetings

Hi Sandy,

Florida doesnt sound bad at all. Considering the temperature here tonight dropped to -16 degrees Celsius, forming the LLC in the Sunshine State would be ironic.

Can a Nexus situation occur only on US source Income or would/could it be enough that I bought something From a US company (using the LLC) and had the item shipped either directly to me or to a US adress for later shipment to me?

You wrote: " if you are a partnership, then no taxes are paid here either..". So I guess the LLC should be formed as a Partnership and Partnership means Two people. Could the second Partner be a 100 % passive US citizen or (Perhaps due to Nexus..?) should it be a non US citizen? I am only asking since I have a good old friend living in Florida, the main reason for my planned US trip in July/August.

I dont suppose You could recommend anyone in Florida who works as a registered agent and whom one could work with to get the LLC up and running? I did a quick search on the Internet, some of those websites looks a bit..distrustful? On the other hand, Who Dares Wins eh?

All your help has been invaluble and I never take anything for granted. If there is Anything I could do as a return favour, dont hesitate to let me know. Or consider me as a Client who yet has not paid the consulting fee and just let me know how much I owe :-)

Best Regards

Patrick 20:24, 10 February 2007 (CST)

Log Out Issue - Still a problem?

A while back, you indicated that you were affected by the "log out" issue - where TaxAlmanac would "forget" you and you had to log in again, fairly frequently. We think we found the solution, and I wanted to find out if this has been solved for you or if it is still an issue. I know you're busy with tax season, but if you could leave me a quick message, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 14:25, 17 February 2007 (CST)

Log In

Excellent! Thank you.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 12:45, 18 February 2007 (CST)

Hi Sandysea

Thanks a lot for your reply on my query. Thanks is late..sorry for that I have a 3 yr old boy with autism...How abt yours? I would be grateful if you could share some knowledge about how things are with autism and what to do? My son doesnt talk and therefore is not social. We live in WI state & the state funds an intensive in home autism therapy program of upto 40 hrs per week for 3 yrs , for which we are waiting. So currently we are getting him couple of hours only which we can pay as per state regulations.

Your good news!

I'm glad to hear it's working out for you! And a bonus, too, you get to learn some new things on his system! That's great!! Natalie 20:17, 24 February 2007 (CST)Natalie

Actually YES

Sandy...there is a serious question behind the senario here. I appreciate your help.

Registered agent issue

Hey Sandy - just checking to see how you are fairing with the registered agent issue - and to ask you to take a look at the situation I'm in to see if you have any suggestions (IRS issues with prior year returns). Everytime you refer to Vero as a po-dunk town - it makes me laugh - so true - but hey it's definitely grown since the only stores were Piggly Wiggly and Woolworth!!! :)


Hey - Is your number listed in the phone book? I don't particularly want to put my name out because that it's also my corp name and never know when clients are going to get on this site and get mad because I'm griping about them :) Do you have instant messanger? I'm cpaexcel98 on aim - we can talk more freely there - or on the phone :)

And to answer your question - I don't think we know each other - but it sounded like we may know folks in common (the lawyer you were referring to in particular).I meant to touch base earlier when I realized you were in Vero - just got sidetracked with tax returns - Yes - I'm still in Vero - have been forever - grew up here - married here - raising the kids here - have used the term - po-dunk town so many times as we were growing up - brought back memories


Got that one too - - I've put you on as a contact - will touch base whenever you get on :)

May 12 Fishing Tournament for your son

IGFA (International Game Fish Association) is having a fishing tournament on Saturday 5/12 that your son might enjoy. It's at Dania Beach (which I know is a bit of a drive for you). There is no cost and everything is provided. Here's the contact info: Peter Gaube Junior Angler Coordinator (954) 924-4247

You can get info about Make A Difference at

I'm in charge of registration for the October and November events in Clearwater and will send you some info in August.

S corporation-SE Tax

Sandy, my name is Don Boggus and I am a CPA. You recently responded to my question concerning the above but I apparently did not get the full answer. All I received was 'Internal Revenue Code Subchapter S'. Do you know the code section number? I have searched and searched but am unable to locate the code section. You help is and will forever be appreciated. Thank you.

wife mananges projects for self employed husband

Hi Sandy, I made some clarifications on the wife manage projs for husband thread. If you get a chance please take look at. If anything is still unclear please let me know. Any direction/suggestions are appreciated. thanks.

EA and CPA credentials

The CPA association definately has done more marketing in the 60 or so years they have been around than the EAs have done in the over 125 years of their existance (EAs were first licensed to help farmers with their civil war claims against the government). Just like the CFP group has done more marketing than the ChFC group (the CFP and ChFCs each take the same 8 basic classes - CFPs have a comprehensive exam to pass, ChFCs take 2 more classes without a comprehensive exam). That being said, I do believe that the average CPA knows more about accounting than the average EA, but the average EA knows more about taxes than the average CPA. Average. Of course both groups have superstars and underachievers.

A friend I teach with has both her CPA AND her EA. She definately knows both accounting and taxes, and is also a great instructor.

If you really want to learn more about taxes, I would study for, and take, the EA exam. It would be a great credential (for you) to have in addition to your CPA. To the public, honestly your clients only care that you know what to do and care about them. In my honest opinion, it would be a rare CPA who could pass the EA exam without a great deal of study, because it is all-encompasing and goes into many areas that the average CPA has never attempted. My feeling (from having taught tax professionals for 9 years) is that less than 5% of the CPAs out there could pass without studying, and only 75% could pass with a medium amount of studying (75 to 120 hours of study).

As you have probably noticed from this board, there are some very basic questions being asked by so-called professionals. While not everyone does advanced returns (and not every one does EIC returns either), you would think that any professional would have some basic level of competence. I get chastised often her for pointing out when someone should know something basic, but my feeling is "what is their designation worth if they don't even know the basics?"

I value my EA designation. Because it is the only designation that signifies expertise in taxation (not law or accounting).

Good luck!


Just called and LM on your voicemail...

You can call me at 650.742.7700. Remember I'm on the West Coast so you can call me until quite late. Skasselea 14:39, 21 May 2007 (CDT)

Sandysea-If you wish to e-mail me at, maybe I can discuss with you privately what you wish. Uncle Sam.

Your request

Sandysea - Are you OK on your recent post? I would be glad to offer my input, having been doing this self employed tax thing on my own since 1985.


Kathy Luskey

Hope you got your question answered.

If not, you can email me at if you want further discussion. Kevinh5

Hey Sandy,

Thanks for the greeting. I hope you can take some time off today to spend with family and can cut back the seven day a week biz after awhile. I found this site during tax season and think its great though I don't entirely know what all it can do yet, and I'm hardly a seasoned on-line chat user. I've been a CPA for about 7 years but have always specialized in audit services, so I've just been digging into tax over the past year. What do you think of sitting for the EA exam as well as I need to get trained in tax moreso anyway? I don't see many folks that are both CPA and EA, so I was wondering what your input would be since you seem to be a long-time member of this site and much more experienced in taxes than I am.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I thought it was interesting you used to work at Osburn Henning as they are the auditors for one of my clients that I do outsourced Controller services for. Do you know Ed Hofma? He is the partner on the account.

Also, I just got the Gleim materials in the mail for the EA exam, so I'm going to try knocking that out this year. I'm a partner in a firm in Longwood though my specialization has been auditing and business consulting. However, most of my consulting clients want me to do their taxes, which I was never interested in until this past tax season when I really started liking taxes a lot (minus the horrible hours). I too have little experience with estate and gift, so that will be a challenge. Anyway, thanks again for your greetings, and God bless in your firm there!SDCPA 11:21, 9 June 2007 (CDT)

Related Companies


Just looked at your pictures from Maine. WOW, what a stress buster.

Anyway, thanks for the input. I realize, they do not have to file consolidated. What I was concerned about, is similar to section 1561, where you have to allocate tax brackets.. among related companies. Do I need to allocate the 10 million between these 2 companies. (both construction).

Thank you so much & good luck with your 2 new clients.

Jeff Ellenbogen


I would take any class for an area in which you don't think you could get a "B" if it were a college test, AND, I would do the 3 day live EA review class. NATP Classes Good Luck! I wouldn't drop your CPA designation, just add EA to it. Kevinh5 I see that NATP does have an online facilitated EA review, but it is limited to 15 participants. If you are interested, get right in there.

Australia Pension

Hi Sandy,

Thanks so much for your message. I agree with you but, the IRS quoted Article 18 of the tax treaty which says what you did but,then backed off and said that a tax treaty cannot be used to reduce a tax liability with the exception of withdrawals from "public" pensions which of course they do not define! This is a huge issue here as retirement plans (called Superannuations) have very liberal laws and many US citizens will start withdrawing funds tax free after age 60. Their question is simply will I have to pay US tax on these distributions? Some of them want to take lump sum distributions of hundreds of thousand of dollars so I must be careful. Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated. I should mention there are several types of "supers" but, most are an employer contributions of 9%+ of their salary. The contributions are taxed at 15% when made and not taxed if withdrawn after age 60.

THanks again.

Best regards,


PS: Feel free to ask me if you have any Australian tax questions!

FTP and using QB through the internet

I've seen where you said that you're using QB through an FTP on your website and that your son set it up for you. I'm spending too much time driving between Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas counties. (And my husband is retiring in 330 days and we'd like to be able to travel some.) How does this work and how computer literate do you and your clients need to be?

GLAD to discuss

Sandy, you can email me at or call me at 828-650-9444, but I have a client coming in from 3 to 4 PM so I will be unavailable during that time. Kevinh5

Follow up to Brazil Tax Question


Mtmckeecpa here...I am in Orlando.

I still have a TON of questions about this client's son who is living and doing business in Brazil.

I am interested in learning some new stuff on the international side...but don't want to go solo and would like to keep this as a potential international client. This may not be practical but if I don't get my feet wet...I will never get the experience on the international side.

Can you help me out here? If you are interested, you can contact me offline at

and let me know where is a good starting place to get this person compliant with US tax laws.

Probably needs to file a 1040 for 2004, 2005 and 2006....

Let me know your billing rates for these consulting services.


Mike McKee, CPA

Purchase of Business


I haven't purchased a business, but I have had some personal experience with selling (or trying to sell) a business. I did some research to get an idea of how to "value" a business, had a business broker, met with potential buyers, drew up a non-compete clause, etc.

I ended up not selling - but I'd be glad to talk to you about the information I did gather that may help you.

Let me know if you're interested. I can give you my phone number if you'd rather talk one on one.

Jennifer FLAEA 18:12, 9 August 2007 (CDT)

Purchase of Business


Sorry - I was busy with family last night. You're welcome to email me at and I'll give you the information I've gathered and I can give you my phone number to discuss some of the problems I encountered.

Jennifer FLAEA 10:58, 11 August 2007 (CDT)

Fishing Tournament

The next fishing tournament is Sat 10/6 in Clearwater. You can get a registration form and find out more info at There's a link to the registration form on the right side of the home page under Upcoming Events. The October event is for kids under 18. November is for 18 and over. You can fax the completed form to me at 727-934-9877. (Write Tax Almanac on the top of the form so I know it's you!) If it's easier send your address to me at and I can mail you a form.

Dental plan

I apprecitate your help with my question, I do not know what this client can do now, since I know that they do not have that sec 125 in place, is it too late and how would I explain to them how to set that up? They use QuickBooks...

Dental Plan

Sorry I forgot to sign my question to you.--TLCTaxGirlAZ 19:45, 20 August 2007 (CDT) Thank you for any help that you can provide to me. Tracy Cochrane Email is


Hi Sandy!

Long time no chat! How have you been doing?

I wanted to give you a heads up. We've just made a maintenance change on the TaxAlmanac system and if you notice any strange behavior, please be sure to bring it to my attention ASAP.

Thank you!

Also, what do you think of my work-in-progress to make the User pages more consistent and easier to edit? Take a look at User:Tester.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 12:50, 21 August 2007 (CDT)


Hello Sandy >> just a quick note to thank you for your contributions. I am a new user here but have been able to learn a lot and get many of my questions answered just by reading from the discussions. I see you have (had) some international clients and I have found myself in your situation having to spend many many hours trying to get up to speed on the related issues....and also having concerns about possible need to withdraw from my engagement due to ethical conserns. Thanks again; I look forward to helping you too if I can.

regards, Brad Gooding (BEGooding) Dallas

Overseas accounting

Hey Sandy

A while ago I posted about setting up and doing business overseas in the UK and you were kind enough to answer. I was busy with some other ventures at the time and this one was not in the establishment stage yet.

Well, that time has arrived. I am actually in England right now and have been here the past week having meetings with the web designers, looking at the warehouse and setting up the infrastructure necessary with the owner of the corporation.

It's now the time to figure out what I need to do to operate in the UK as a proper entity <yes, I am adopting the british way of speaking, cheerio> I have done some research at the house of companies and we are ready to establis a bank account. Most likely at HSBC since we have a branch in town and they are all over the place here as well.

Still doing research and will actually be talking to a barrister and the former member of parliament who either had oversight for or ran the house of companies. His name is Neil Hamilton and although i never heard of him before this venture, he is quite the character over here. People either hate him or love him. I found him and his wife to be absolutely delightful and fun to be around.

Anyway, my proper e-mail is If you could drop me a line there, then I can begin hitting you up with questions as they occur.





Not sure if you would remember. you had helped me with a tax query last year. I am the one in WI with a boy with autism.Just wanted your quick help.My husband has a job and we have no other source of income except some interest on CD's.We put money for both of us in IRA , 401k thru his employer and opened a state sponsored 529 plan a/c for our other child.Do not want to anything in my son's name coz he receives state aid for his therapy and any assets in his name are considered to determine his aid eligibility. Can you recommend any other tax saving investments we could do? I know its an open ended question but anything you can suggest and I can research further

Thanks a lot for your help Regards,Smriti

Exchange Rates

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for your response! However, another query came up with your answer: I do transactions on daily basis, and my problem is that my base currency is XCD as I'm located in Grenada, and I have overseas accounts (EURO and USD). So, how to proceed when putting in the figures into the quickbooks, because if I use the exchange rate from each daily transaction, my accounts will never be balanced... Thanks again Maria

i would like to thank u

thank you so much sandysea.

this is my eamil:

try to contact me please

i am waiting for u

thanks again

To Sandysea in regards of 1120 or 1120F

Hi Sandysea,

I have been reading your posts in regards to a foreign corp doing business in US.

I will handle soon the accounting and taxes of an LLC where the only member is a Mexican company Now I am confused about what form they have to file........ 1120F or only 1120.

More hints: They obtain a EIN, it is an LLC created in Texas with only one member and this member ia

a Mexican corporation or association.

Any idea or comments are greatly appreciated.

15:13, 16 November 2007 (CST)Dantes Dantes

Thank you.


I apologize for interrupting the discussion between you and Solomon. I was venting. It's just a frustration to me that they have made the issue of "qualifying relative" so complicated for us. I understand that when you have a client sitting in front of you, there is no time to look it up in a book! Peace. CrowJD 14:15, 30 December 2007 (CST)

Gleim CDs

Shoot me a email at No charge if you pass.

TheTinCook 23:06, 3 January 2008 (CST)


Hi Sandy,

I like it, from the perspective of my practice it is very comparable to Lacerte in its technical capabilities. I have about 40 clients right now with half of those being S-corps or partnerships. I do not have any clients with international transactions so I cannot say how it holds up in that area at all, I know that will be important to you. It meets or exceeds my expectations at this point, we will see how I feel in April!

It will take some getting used to as Lacerte does have a better interface and input flow imo. After a couple of returns prepared I have been able to close the gap on the input time difference between the two programs. The Ultra Tax organizer is also pretty bad, written from an accountants perspective it looks like, Lacerte has a much better organizer. My practice does not rely a great deal on organizers at this point so it is not a big down side for me, I am looking for a solution though.

Positives include that the owner, Thomson T&A (TTA), only supports professional accountants unlike Intuit, the integration with RIA Checkpoint is nice, the integration with other major programs in the CS suite is amazing, and as my practice grows I have a road-map of other CS modules I can add that improve efficiency of the office. The price is also right with the low annual license fee for PPR. Full unlimited pricing ends up being nearly the same as Lacerte. Data conversion was a breeze, not everything transfered of course but each client gets a very clear report on what transfered and what didn't.

Anyway, probably more than you asked for but was nice to get my thoughts about this out. :) I was excited to read that you were studying for the tax court test! I wish you the best at that and a profitable tax season.



Of course, you were right all along on the petty cash bookkeeping. But, the whole post was pretty funny in the end. I need to be working, but I'm playing. CrowJD 14:53, 18 January 2008 (CST)

Your retirement q

Sandy, do you mind if I change the title of your question? You are not an idiot by any stretch of the imagination.Natalie 17:16, 5 February 2008 (CST)Natalie

a good attorney

It never hurts to have one....this guy I love is Mark Arth (has a Mpls office and FL office)and works for cpas everywhere. phone number 651-222-3761 or phone number 941-544-4245 (mobile) Was a CPA and now an attorney...

the summons trauma

Gads, what a way to start the tax season. I read your situation on line. How I wish I could be more supportive by knowing some attorneys here in FL. But I'm here in an almost rural area, Indian River County. Now it's full of homes built on what used to be orchards.....and 80% are for sale or for rent. I only know a few attys & acctnts.

Back to the topic, I don't have a network and don't know who to suggest, but get someone - atty, your insurance co, someone with experience in this. So you can get on with your tax season and they can explain how vulnerable you are/were by being the US local contact.

Just finished up my ethics class on line and thought of you when it said we should always send letters of resignation when we end relations with a client. Even at my age, I only learn after being dragged over broken glass.

Be well, best, best wishes for success and peaceful thoughts. Judy

Jmolliconi 22:35, 8 February 2008 (CST)

Wow! someday....

Hi Sandysea,

I thought you were down in the populous West Palm area or farther south. Just scanned a couple of your emails. Yikes, I didn't know everyone could read everything. I'm in Roseland, so north of you, but certainly still in the same area. I see Vero mentioned a couple of times. If we all survive the tax season and other events, it would be great to meet for coffee. If you want to email me on my regular email, I'll be glad to give you my cell phone no. I'm not in the phone book in any way.

Sounds like an excellent niche you've found. I only do a few local returns but I've run into people with property in India, the UK, the islands, and their US based income. Nice to know someone who specializes. If I'm stuck, I'll email and send them to you, only if they have $$.  :>)

I also got an email from a gal who is fluent in Spanish working in NE FL. Sounds like someone else who has wisely targeted her clients. Word of mouth always works better than any other advertising and you both have found a specialty!

I'm more interested in expanding my yoga classes and a few other things than taxes, taxes, but it does pay the bills this time of year. Blessings and best wishes to you, your son, your practice, and all your clients.

Oh yes, I know an excellent atty here in town who does litigation - kind, brilliant, obsessive about detail. But it sounds like you've got the sleaze factor under control or away from your focus. Judy Jmolliconi 11:16, 10 February 2008

R/A issue

Seriously, no more posting to that discussion until it's all done.Natalie 02:28, 14 February 2008 (CST)Natalie

Sandy, you did not offend me. But I truly believe you need to stop making comments on this website regarding the R/A issue. They may come back to haunt you. I love reading your posts and want you to stay (just not on that one particular discussion).Natalie 12:16, 14 February 2008 (CST)Natalie


Sandy- Can you e-mail me at Not to worry. It will be brief. TomTaocpa 08:31, 14 February 2008 (CST)

Hey kid

Following along that're getting some free legal advice. So don't go underground or quiet, or leave. But do be super cautious on this since the other team can and might well print it all out and hold your words against you.

You're my bright light here! Don't leave me alone with Kevin and DT!! JeffJR1


Potential Client


  Am interested in your advice/services about a potential foreign company tax issue.  You can reach me at


Amerikanski with Ruski wife...

Sherlock Holmes Treatment

Sandy: I'm sure he's cool. I could not resist applying the Sherlock Holmes treatment to the situation re. Revenue Agent. Just kidding. Take care! CrowJD 17:21, 26 February 2008 (CST)


Sandy, So sorry for your trials and tribulations. Had a year like that about 7 years ago. One major trauma, or at least major stressor each month. God only gives us what we can handle, and what he does give us makes us stronger. Also, I found that some of the things that seemed the most devastating turned out to be good things. Hang in there, and remember all the people who love you. Pierce 18:47, 1 March 2008 (CST)

You have a friend

Can't help you with the pile of garbage since I've got three of my own but would be more than happy to discuss the ethical situation. Email me at and I'll give you my cell #



Seems like things are not going your way yet, but they will. Have confidence and faith. I truly do feel for you. Put on a bright outfit tomorrow, I find hot pink is a great mood booster. Also, it will make you so worried about the way you look in it that you won't worry about the important things. Pierce 21:16, 7 March 2008 (CST)

Personnel Issues

Don't you think you have ENOUGH going on !?!?!?

My part time office assistant (the one who does the majority of the 'grunt' work for me like keypunching and assembly - not that I'd expect YOU to do that - altho at times I'd LOVE to step back to some of that more basic stuff) has a 35 year old son who's married with FOUR kids, three under the age of 2 (twins are 7 months old). The 35 y/o is an alcoholic, keeps going wacko, abusive (only verbal so far) to his wife & kids....BAD situation. And my office assistant just keeps enabling him to do this stuff; mainly because of the (very cute) grandkids. There's a lot more, very soap opera-ish.

I want to help her cut the strings to this kid, so he hits bottom and hopefull bounces back up to be the good person he really is when not on booze. But there may/might be a cost to the wife &'s a mess.

AND, I'm not sure how much work I'll get out of her if/when the sh*t hit the fan. Selfish, huh?

I'll be fine, I have some other part time help I can rally....Nothing like you are facing.

But thanks for the venting forum and your kind ear.

This place is a wonderful support place for those of who practice alone!

where is this practise located?

your clients

I would if I could - but I'm in California...too far away to be any real help, except for moral support!

Sandy, I just noticed that someone (abstax) inadvertently added a note to my previous message to you asking (I think) where your practice is located..... a helper? a purchaser?

Good luck.

Sandy, my dear....

I know you aren't Catholic (and I am not trying to convert you), but here's a link for you. [1] It's the prayer the Catholic priests and other religious do everyday. The night prayer is fabulous stuff. I try to do it every night (beats crying yourself to sleep). Hang in there! ((((HUGS))))), TomTaocpa 14:04, 9 March 2008 (CDT)

Agree with Crow

Sandy, Crow suggested putting people on extensions. Would totally agree. Explain as much as you are comfortable with so they know you're not off on vacation. Your long-term clients will understand, and most will actually feel good about themselves by helping you out. The ones who are not willing to give you a break maybe you could replace with better ones. The terrible year I referred to above I did this, and the majority understood. Would you mind if someone in your position did this to you? Pierce 17:34, 9 March 2008 (CDT)

how are you doing?

Hi Sandy, I've hit the panic point of tax season, with quarterlies due, and a whole host of other deadlines, and I realized that I haven't seen your name pop up on TA much lately. I know it's been a rough season for you this year. Hope the move went ok. Just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and hope everything is alright. Joyce Wwtaxes 12:11, 10 April 2008 (CDT)

Canadian and coffee

Hi Sandy,

It's Judy Molliconi in Roseland. I have a couple of clients who sold an oil lease in Canada. I would think they need to file there also, but it may cost more to file than to just let Canada keep the taxes. Proceeds $2880 US and $661 withheld, two sisters.

Also I goofed on a US/Puerto Rico/CT return when I should have checked with you.

Email me at your convenience and I'll give you my phone no. or call you. I hope the threatened court situation never got off the ground. Sounds like you had a very busy tax season. Let me know if you have time for coffee some day. best wishes, jm

Avoiding double taxation, Canadian member of California LLC

Hi Sandy,

I've seen your name a fair bit in the domain where I need help. I posted a ques

Foreign Corporation Issues


I have few questions with regards to a client that we might potentially have.

The client a Mexican Corporation (the Mexican corp owned by 1 individual) with EIN and a partner in US LLC. The LLC is formed to bring awareness among the world and save it :) (thus probably never making any money), at this point all it has are huge losses. To top it off the partnerhsip is a CA LLC and filed a LLC Non-resident members consent.

The questions are :

Do we have to file a US return for this corporation even though there are losses?

Is there any w/h requirement if there is a loss? I mean any forms to be filed? (8804, 8805)

For CA, do they have to file a return or the LLC nonresident members consent would be take care of it?

I appreciate your reply and look forward to hear from you. My email or you can leave me a message here.

Thanks. Sidd

You may have heard by now that the Tax Almanac ( ) web site forum is permanently closing its doors effective June 1. Perhaps you have seen the pink bombshell “Important Service Announcement” when logging in.

Long-time TA user ChrisV2 has volunteered to set up a new website where TA users may continue the discussion. The site is up and running now and has an active base of contributors.

We invite you to take a look and join your fellow TA refugees.

Frankly (TA member and new member of TaxProTalk)

Frankly 04:08, 3 May 2014 (UTC)

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