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Tax Almanac

Hi, and welcome to Tax Almanac, the free online tax research resource and community for tax professionals.

Here are some good links for familiarizing yourself with TaxAlmanac: Code of Conduct, Policies, FAQ, Hints and Tips on How to Search on TaxAlmanac, and last but by no means least, a very thorough and insightful description of the Purpose and Use of TaxAlmanac by one of the regular users, which includes even more helpful links.

Also, please update your user Profile (user page) to provide some info about your experience level/background as a tax professional. Select edit at the top of your user page, replace the boilerplate with your info (highlight it and type over it), and then click Save page.

Trillium 09:42, 4 October 2008 (CDT)


Thanks for your answer to my question!

Duplex printer

Hey, Pink - you posted your latest question (about duplex printers) as an article rather than as a discussion question. I'll paste the text below in case you want to copy it into a new discussion (or add it to one of these discussions: duplex printer) rather than letting it languish as a research article.

Trillium 10:56, 5 November 2008 (CST)

Your text: "I use a HP Laserjet 4200 with almost 900,000 copies on it. Still works fine but am considering using a duplexing laser printer to save paper cost, storage and mailing fees. I like to have a paper copy to have my returns audited by staff and keep this for my file copy. I E-file 99.9% of returns and of course supply client with a printed copy. I keep copies of prior years on hard drive and remote backup with Carbonite. Does anyone have any pros or cons regarding this type of machine. Thanks for any info you might contribute."


Thanks for the laugh! I hope you don't mind the "Pinky" reference; it just seemed natural in that situation. Natalie 18:02, 12 November 2008 (CST)Natalie


Late wife and I adopted Farfel in 1994 two days after our old dog passed away. She was one of 13 in a litter; there were nine left at the local SPCA. Several years later, at Photos with Santa day there, we met her brother Arthur, though the meeting produced lots of growling and barking. Wife wanted to name her Falafel and I wanted to name her Fax so we settled on Farfel, the dog in the Nestle commerical ages ago.....they would sing "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best" and then say, 'Sing it Farfel" and this hound would open its mouth and sing CHAWKLATE. We'd not seen the Seinfeld show but were told about it often.

I love talking about 'the Farfs' as I called her; she was an Old English combined with an Irish Setter. My new adopted friend, Watson, is an Old English combined with an Otter Hound and is smaller than Farfel but 70 lbs and will howl and sniff like a hound, but is possessive like a sheepdog and can stare down rabbits and cats like the latter.

To sign, you put four ~ in a row.

Death&Taxes 07:38, 13 November 2008 (CST)

you created an article instead of a discussion

on Mary Kay cars. Kevinh5

IL S corp

Hey asked: Hi JR1...hope you can clear something up for me. I have a new (one shareholder who is Illinois resident) Sub S client in Illinois with a profit in 2008. Because he is Illinois resident and will pay tax on profits on his Illinois personal return can the income be eliminated at the Illinois Sub S level by using Sch B? I do this with Illinois partnerships and assume Sub S is the same. Thanks for a reply if you get the chance.

The S doesn't work like the 1065 in the short answer is, no, you can't.

Your watermarks discussion

Hi, Pink -

I moved your recent discussion about putting watermarks on client copies out of the tax forum and into the business growth community forum today. It was on pg 5 of the tax forum, seemingly heading into obscurity, and since we're using the bus gr forum for practice management topics now, too, I thought it might stay active a little longer over there. (Plus it'll still pop up in future searches no matter which forum it's in.)

If you want it moved back to the tax forum, please let me know.


Trillium 10:34, 16 April 2009 (CDT)

Changing discussion title

To fix the title, you open the discussion, and go to the "move" tab at the top of the page. It shows you the existing title, and you type in the new one and a reason for the change.

Two things to watch out for: (1) Be sure to keep "Discussion:" at the start of the name, and (2) if someone else has the discussion open when you change the name, and then posts, their post may go either to the "old" named discussion or into oblivion. So as a rule of thumb, you either want to do it right away or when there's low traffic on the site.

Anyhow - that's for your future reference, as I've made the change you asked for!

Trillium 12:00, 5 August 2009 (CDT)

IL 1065/1000

Hey Pink, and here I thought it was Jerry from Utah asking about that, which confused me deeply. In any event, haven't had to do a 1000 yet, but I read it like you do. As long as the income is reported and paid on the 1000, then it would reduce taxable to IL on the 1065. Weird, but that's how it is. I guess because it's actually out of state income, so it shouldn't be double taxed. That's how I get it. JR1 Jeff

IL S corp dissolution

Hey PP, no, I'm not aware of a downside to just letting the state dissolve it legally. There's actually an upside: should your client decide to ever reinstate that corp and begin doing biz again, they can do that, usually for less money than creating a new corp. It's a legal question kind of, so I'll defer that part to the beagles. Do realize that that has nothing to do with filing the 966 and liquidating it for the IRS. Jeff JR1


Interested in that TaxWorks discount if I decide to use that program. How do I go about the discount and what will be the final price?


I'd heard that, but haven't been able to confirm it. Where did you see it, and how on earth are we supposed to get PIN numbers for all the properties out there? Jeff JR1

Illinois PIN # required now
 FYI:  I just noticed that Illinois will now require the PIN# for real estate tax credit on state returns on Form ICR....that's gonna be a pain sometimes.  Pink Pearl

Dang it

Well, thanks a lot. What goofs...something else to do. Guess they figure we've got extra time on our hands, huh? *sigh*

Well, notifiying the clients now. Yes, I wonder if it's going to kick up a reject code or not. Will have to try one to see! Jeff

TaxWorks software

Hi, I noticed you mentioned using TaxWorks in one of the forums.I have been using Lacerte for years for business and individual returns. I love it but the cost is ridiculous. I do too many returns to use ppr and not enough to make it very cost effective on a per return basis with the unlimited versions.

Do you know how well TaxWorks converts from Lacerte? I know that is a long shot question.

And how well does TaxWorks handle very complicated returns - 40+ rental properties, multi-states, lots of K-1's etc.?

Also you mentioned something about $500 off if you refer someone. They are running a 2 for 1 special that would be a great deal if I had another accountant wanting to use their software but right now I don't.

Thank you Beth


Very interesting. Very interesting. Might keep that in my pocket for the late folk who are never well organized, and needing to efile under the gun. Tanks, Jeff


I do hope you're a girl, Pink. What a great tip...thank you thank you thank you.

Zillow search

is better than google:,-Tierra-Verde-fl_rb/ Kevinh5

but with Zillow

you can get two aereal views: one from top down, another from an angle. To get the angle, click on the property address. I dare say he can afford a tax consultant. We may be stretching the definition of 'tax professional' by allowing him, in my very humble (isn't it always?) opinion. Kevinh5 OH, I do like the Google view also, except for that thunderstorm about to break.

oh that is funny

I just google mapped my house (for some reason I can see my car, but not my house) and the neighbor boy is outside roller skating in the alley behind his house (he is a few years older now, but I do recognize him). Do you have any addresses for clothing optional beaches? I know of one off of Torrey Dunes near La Jolla (Black's Beach), and one I visited on the island of St Maarten (Orient Beach) ..... Kevinh5

unless you want an X rated site seems pretty safe. Kevinh5


I didn't realize you were so young ! (You must be really bored today). Belle 14:09, 8 September 2010 (CDT)

Pink Pearl *Eraser*!

I had one, too! I worshipped it! And I still do! It sits on top of my *Texas Instruments* adding machine on my desk but it has changed; the years have not been kind to it, like they've been kind to you and me - I note your photo. I think we must be contemporaries. Were you still too young to vote when Eisenhower ran the second time?

What's your choice in beer? Have one on me; I would e-mail it to you, but I don't have your e-mail.

Regarding the bartered services value question, I may sound like I don't care about the *value* issue, but I do, I really do. It's impossible to answer, isn't it, because it comes down to just "facts and circumstances". There's a rule somewhere about trading things that says you look to the two things and put a value the one that's more readily valued, and then the other one is deemed to have the same value. Maybe it's in the "amount realized" regs in 1001...

Do you think Captcook is in earnest or is he jacking me around? He wants the income but denies the deduction; might he work for IRS? LOL


I wish everybody would do what you did this morning, when they see spam - get rid of it right away!!! I've also now deleted the entire page, and blocked the spammer. Let's hope that's not a new trend we'll have to deal with every night, right?

Trillium 09:49, 25 September 2010 (CDT)

Interesting question

I hadn't considered that! Kevinh5

It may just be an Ohio CPA thing.

Her profile leads me to believe that she is legitimate. Kevinh5

P.S. Love the pic!

"How'd that happen"

Your edit was outside the double squiggly brackets. It needs to be inside to be included in the box around your post. Trillium

Sadly, no

"All topics" has to be, literally, every discussion no matter where it is. If I had my way, it would exclude not only test area but also consumer questions. (Maybe even chat!)

The test posts today all look very strange but those are Intuit employees working on some improvements to the site. So there's a potential upside to it, in case that makes it easier to live with for a while.

Sorry I don't have better news for ya,

Trillium 17:32, 19 November 2010 (UTC)

# views not increasing

Hi - this change apparently occurred during the maintenance that Tim's team did last night. I noticed that Kevin left a message for Tim about it earlier today, and Tim responded that he'd check it out - so I don't think it was intentional, and would assume it'll get turned back on soon. Trillium

I have received your nomination.

Thank you. SpellCzech

Can I strikethrough the word 'sometimes'

in your 'Sometimes Jeff doesn't listen' post? Love the chocolate bunnies! Kevinh5

I was really just kidding

but I do wonder exactly how this guy got to be the tax manager over a staff of several others in a CPA firm. Every one of his discussions seem to lack logic. Kevinh5

Sams.. thanks!

Woops I overlooked your suggestion of Sam's Club.

I let my membership lapse a couple of years ago but a friend of mine has a membership and I'll tag along with him and see if I can find what you mention.

Thanks again! CrowJD 15:10, 22 April 2011 (UTC)

Your comments

Thank you for your comments about the zoning question on the construction discussion.

By the way, if you would like an updated photo, I know a great photographer!Natalie 19:19, 26 October 2011 (UTC)Natalie

Yup. It's the hat alright.

Thank you PP

Thanks for the link...I appreciate that! CrowJD 15:02, 3 January 2012 (UTC)

Thanks, but

the pic is already on my user page. Kevinh5

Maybe you can find a good picture for BobTheMobCPA though.

I think your name was mentioned

Pearl, I think your name was mentioned on the "Lunch" post in the chat room. If you have time could you take a look at it? <smile> CrowJD 23:52, 10 February 2012 (UTC)

Subpoena reference

You're welcome. I knew about this because I wrote an article about the 7216 regulations a few years ago. DaveFogel 23:27, 22 August 2012 (UTC)

Lost Business Records

"so let me understand...your client gets you to extend them in the spring of 2012 and has SIX MONTHS to locate and deliver the docs to you and on Oct 10 tells you they can't get the docs...I would put those spiked snow chains on the bus...just sayin'. And you would even consider tossing some estimates on a filed return and getting your ass in a possible sling so they don't increase a penalty for late filing??? Really?"

Funniest post I've read on this board in years. Thanks for making my day. DaveFogel 17:30, 10 October 2012 (UTC)


  I was hoping to get some advice. We are with Taxworks and very frustrated. We did a remote session with their tech today and he said he resolved our issues but nothing changed. Get in and kicked out within 5 minutes. I do not think they are going to get a working copy going. We need to make some decisions. Sounds like you did. 

Very nervous about switching software in mid January but it is looking like we have no choice.

You mentioned Drake, did you use Arkworks with Taxworks? If so have you had any experience with Drake’s scanned storage?

Do you think the depreciation will import to Drake?

I have heard a lot of accountants frustrated with Taxworks and switching and Drake seems to come up as the choice so I am guessing the migration is smooth.

Any info you can give me would be very appreciated. Thanks for your time.


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