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Richard Geever, CPA

I have still been looking for where an Enrolled Agent maligned you, as you stated a few days ago. I can't find it under Pent-Up, WPCPA, WPBCPA or PBCPA when I look at the threads you have posted to. Do you mind pointing out where exactly someone disrespected you? Thank you. Kevinh5

No advertising/soliciting in the forums

Rich, you know the policies on no advertising your own firm in the forums/articles, I'm sure? I've edited your post to put it in compliance. (Note, you are free to have your contact info on your user page, and people can then contact you and/or your firm if they need/want to once they've read your posts.

Editing to add links to the policies:

Trillium 11:38, 4 December 2009 (CST)

Personal lawsuit

Hi Rich Geever, thank you for expressing so much concern for me. But don't worry any more about it. Rest assured, the lawsuit has nothing to do with my professional practice - it was just a piece of land next to my residence that was sold several years ago. And rest assured, I did nothing wrong, it was the closing attorney and real estate agent who were negligent in seeing that everyone initialed all parts of the contract. The buyer is now upset that the market has gone down and he didn't get to 'flip' the land as fast as he wanted. Thus my lesson and advice: make sure that all parties to a contract initial each page and each change even on 'standard' contracts. As I wrote on the discussion (before removing the posts), I am not losing any sleep over this, and fully expect to be able to recover all legal costs from the E&O carriers of the real estate agent and closing attorney. Kevinh5

Here are links to the copyright policies

Here's the actual policy: Policies and guidelines, and also it's mentioned in the last paragraph on this help page, and on the T&C.

I have removed the article you pasted into the discussion forums, and replaced it with a link to the article instead. That solves many problems - keeps TaxAlmanac safe from somebody claiming we're posting info that they've got the rights to, keeps you on the right side of TaxAlmanac's copyright policies, and removes unnecessarily detailed text from your discussion post.

You can link directly to code sections, too; there's no need to paste those into individual posts. As far as I could tell, you haven't copied and pasted any of those from resource material that prohibits you from doing so (like CCH, RIA, etc.), but if you did, it'd be great if you could make sure you delete anything that shouldn't have been posted here. Thanks.

Trillium 20:28, 9 December 2009 (CST)

my name in discussion


Impairment of Goodwill you think that would convince the IRS....LOL!

Thank you so very much

You've convinced me. Thanks. I deeply appreciate your help.

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