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1041 question

Thanks, Phil for your input on the 1041 question. I added a couple of other questions/comments. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, again!

Chill Out Phil I think I ask you pretty nice about the subject, but apparently you didn't go back to the subject. No one's ordering you that was your thought.

You got that right!

Phil, I wish I had kept all that Confederate money I had as a child, I was also told at the time it was worthless. But, I look at it this way, think of all the great comic books, and baseball cards that were thrown away, or lost. Boy, had we only known. CrowJD 09:52, 12 August 2008 (CDT)


Hi Phil, No offense taken! I really appreciate all of your feedback.

$50 payroll

Thank you for posting that example of the summer wages. Sometimes people don't think about those types of issues when trying to decide how to handle a situation.Natalie 08:19, 7 January 2011 (UTC)Natalie

Hi Phil - I hope I know have my user id setup and I won't be banished. Please send me the codes and regulations you are referring to.

Hi Phil - My name is Lisa Wade and I am an EA. I have over 25 years worth of tax experience and am trying to learn more everyday. I really like this website, however I found some of the people to be rude. I know S-Corps don't receive guaranteed payments. I had a Partnership that acted as a Partnership for 2010. However, the IRS has let reclassify the enity to an S Corp beginning 1/1/2010. I reclassified the last quarter of the year of 2010 of quaranteed payments as payroll and have paid payroll tax on these reclassifications. I was wondering if I can take the rest of the quaranteed payments and apply them to Stockholder draws as this will not come close to reducing their stock basis below -0-. Thanks, Lisa

Sorry, Phil...

I had to (just for a little while) take down your answer to the "Dead Presidents" stumper/puzzle/quiz. There's some folks here in this forum that I want to *appreciate* the necessity for explicit writing, careful reading, and disciplined thinking. After they've embarrassed themselves, I'll be sure to toss you the kudos you deserve for the first answer posted.

But you named *five*...

Just joshin' and I hope you know that...

Spell Czech 13:39, 17 March 2012 (UTC)

In the font used by my browser for Tax Almanac (and without my glasses, which is more to the point)...

..."nmrnbtw" shows up as "nmmbtw" which didn't interest me enough to try to figure it out, which would have required me to read it carefully, but today, with my glasses on, I note that it's "NMRNBTW" - and *not* "NMMBTW" and then figured it out in about 17 nanoseconds...

Spell Czech

Good for you Phil!

Phil I eat calve's liver & onions once a month and I love it.

It is chock full of nutrients (as you know), and it is very easily assimlated into the body. Much more effective than taking vitamin and mineral pills by the handful! CrowJD 15:09, 21 August 2013 (UTC)

Footnote 47

Phil, What do you mean footnote #47? Is this just a misdirection in case Intuit copies this thread to their other site?

--Wiles 14:21, 27 August 2013 (UTC)

End of the forum

You may have heard by now that the Tax Almanac ( ) web site forum is permanently closing its doors effective June 1. Perhaps you have seen the pink bombshell “Important Service Announcement” when logging in.

Long-time TA user ChrisV2 has volunteered to set up a new website where TA users may continue the discussion. The site is up and running now and has an active base of contributors.

We invite you to take a look and join your fellow TA refugees.

Frankly (TA member and new member of TaxProTalk)

Frankly 15:48, 3 May 2014 (UTC)

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