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deduct business trip receive 1099

Lizzit, this is in direct contridiction to what wwtaxes is saying. How can the person deduct the 1099 for trip price when he did not spend any money even if he did conduct business ont he trip. A whole group of sales people won the trip and went together . Assume the trip was to Haiwaii the sponsor had meeting s and conferences while there but the trip was FREE expect for the taxes on the 1099. Please help with your rational


Your post on the IRS Headliner thread


Can you please edit your post and explain what you mean. What does not include a greater than 2% owner? And what is it that they are not entitled to?

--PVVCPA 10:48, 28 November 2007 (CST)

your question about lease depreciation


I noticed you asked a question in December about how to treat the payments made on a lease should the option be exercised. I also noticed that Kevin answered as to how to treat it for the person receiving the lease payments, not the person making the lease payments. If I'm not mistaken, you were asking about the person making the lease payments. My question is, did you ever get an answer to your question elsewhere? I thought I knew the answer bc at the buyout point, the buyout amount is supposed to be FMV, in which case, it would be a purchase of used equipment for FMV, but I noticed that Belle said that lease payments might increase the basis if they include money applied to the purchase price. So now I'm confused. Just wondering if you want to discuss it.

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