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Congrats as a USTCP. I am planning to sit the Tax Court Exam in year 2012. I have read it is a very dificult exam but I believe if I start advance preparation I stand a good chance. I just want you to refer me, if you may, to materials I can order or download RIGHT NOW which would be of immense benefit towards my passing.

Thanking You

Olukayode Ojo, MBA, EA New York 718-231-4064

Hello NYEA, Congradulations on passing the USTC exam. I'm an EA who has also passed the bar exam, but I want to take the tax court exam because I work better and cheaper as an EA----When you tell the IRS you are an attorney they think your client is guilty or why would he be hiring an Attorney. So, I want to be just an USTC admitted EA because the E&O insurance is way cheaper and the expectations are lower....and I'm a sole practitioner with middle income clients ---no reasal big fancy tax law cases yet. Thus, can I buy you olod review material? I figure having passed the bar exam---I don't need a fullblown review class which costs a fortune---just the published "how to write the exams stuff?" Please contact me at if interested, and I'd love to exchange information on weird clients and cses.

Hi again I'm Taxjoy, so new to this site that I didn't leave my name before ---but looking for help on material to study for tax court exam. insurancebyjoyce@yahoo.comTaxjoy

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