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question about 1120

Hello Mauimark!

I read your answer on my question about 1120 tax form. I'm a novice in US tax and can you help me a little? My situation is quite simple, but i don't know how to correct fill the 1120 form.

We are a C-corp, incorporated in Oct. 2005 in Delaware, USA. We are a small tech start-up.There were no sales in 2006. We've established business processes and project management standards and built a team of volunteers savvy with mobile technologies. We haven't any cents of income in previous year and signing up first clients now

We've spent only co-founders money in 2006 - hosting , software lisences, google adwords, agent fee, DE franchise tax.

Is it correct to put down in 1120 form all zeros in Income and Deductions parts? Should I, in my case, add some attachments to 1120 form with zeros. Of I can file only 1120 tax form.

Thank you!

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,


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