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your business

Hi Maria, My name is Cliff Lewis and I have recently started a business the same as you, after doing individual returns for the past few years. I had the same questions regarding startup costs as well...I wanted to wait until 2009 tax time to deduct startup costs, since I will have no income from the business in 2008. By the way, I am located in Valdosta, GA. I just wanted to touch base with you since we are in similiar startup situations and maybe add you as someone to go to if I have questions. Thanks.

Cliff Lewis

what are you trying to watch?

did you 'bookmark' the discussion page you were trying to watch?




Shoot me an email addy and I will give you my take on the QB.

Thanks, Michael

Hi Maria, I'm just applying now and didn't realize there is a window of May - August, do you have any idea if I can still submit my application? BTW how is your business doing? Do you find the CAA as a value add for your market?

Thanks, Chris

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