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can you send me a copy of your employee non-compete. Thanks,


Thanks for your reply..I have a question..when I was trying to log on, I some how got past the error and got into my acct for a moment. I saw my EFIN number, but my only concern is that I had to move my business b/c the building i had set it up in got shut-down by the fire dept and the manager ran w/our security deposit and rent :( Also, is the EFIN number assigned to me, so I can go to another location and EFILE, or do I need to re-submit. When did you call the tech support? I have had no luck during the day..What number do you call?

Thanks again, Sue


i will call much going time :(

thx for your help, sue


wow, you have a lot of experience..that is great.

i was wondering, once you are assigned an efin number, can you move your business or move yourself without having to keep submitting new forms to the irs? sorry if these are no-brainer questions.

i look forward to learning from you.



Message me your fax # or email me at and I will fax worksheets from NATP. Not quite how you describe it.....was your notice from someone in the Philly service center. I had four years; the first three were accepted and I had to supply more information for the 4th, but the AMT was accepted in each year.

david Death&Taxes 16:00, 23 January 2010 (CST)


Don't feel bad; I have only done this one and was lost at sea also.

Death&Taxes 17:35, 23 January 2010 (CST)

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