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Your licensing question has been moved to the Business Growth Forum

We have a special forum for licensing, CPE, practice management, and practice growth questions - so I have moved the question you just posted in the tax forum over to the BG forum so that those members who are interested in this type of question will be able to see it and respond.

You might want to do a search of the archives, as I seem to recall this question has been asked before, and I know I've seen posts by people updating their status, e.g., 6 wks, 12 wks, whatever (don't really recall the details). Maybe just scan the front page of the BG forum.

Trillium 15:35, 30 June 2009 (CDT)

Editing to add:

Found a couple of the discussions I was referring to above - check out:

And while I'm here - I'll ask you to take a minute and update your profile (user page) to include some information about your background and level of experience as a tax preparer (including that you've passed all three parts of the exam!). In the discussion forums, especially in the tax forum, questions from users without profiles are often ignored, and in fact they are subject to being moved to the consumer forum. So it's worth the time!

Trillium 15:43, 30 June 2009 (CDT)

Your requested name change

Hi, Lskeys –

I can do a name change for you (I generally handle the name change requests for Tim Doyle), however I’d first like to ask you to reconsider your user name. Long names can sometimes affect how the discussion forum index displays. At 12 characters, your requested name would probably not be long enough to cause any problems, but you’ve got some extra capital letters in there, and some numbers, both of which tend to take up extra space in the font TaxAlmanac uses. Also, there’s some consideration of simply truncating long names in the future so that the discussion index formatting doesn’t go all askew – not sure where (or if) they’ll choose to cut off the names, but I suppose there’s a possibility that your name might be displayed as “LaTaxMan20” or something like that in the future! So I thought I’d mention it.

Also – a name change on this site doesn’t replace the old name, so you need to remember not to sign in under the old name in the future. If you do, it’ll just reactivate the old name, but meanwhile your user profile and user history have all been transferred to the new name – there’ve been a few people who got kind of confused when this happened to them in the past (sometimes when you’ve been using a name for a while, it just becomes second nature to sign in with it later, I think, especially since all of your old posts still show your old name).

An alternative to a name change, for people who don’t have a lot of user history (like yourself, actually), is to just create a new name, copy over your user profile, and just use the new name from now on. You start your user history over again, but if you don’t have much of a history anyway, that doesn’t much matter. You can see, for example, today, that Doug-tax just did this and created his own new name, PeteEA. (Most people don’t announce that they’ve done it, but that’s certainly fine, too!)

Okay – sorry for being long-winded. Now that you have all the background: (1) do you still want a moderator-provided name change, and if so, (2) do you still wish to have the new name LaTaxMan2010? If not, let me know what name you do want (LaTaxman, perhaps?).

If so, please let me know (click on my name below, and follow the links to leave me a message), and then please sign out/log off. I’ll take care of the change right away.

Trillium 12:44, 10 August 2009 (CDT)

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