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Adding the enrolled agent box to your user page

I think you're probably trying to do this! Check out Communities & Designations, it tells you how - you add some text inside brackets right on your own user page. The instructions are at the bottom of that page.

Trillium 11:23, 18 June 2009 (CDT)

Moving your NAEA question over to the Practice Mgt/Business Growth forum

Hi, Kyea - wanted to let you know, I'll be moving your NAEA question over to the Practice Mgt/Business Growth forum. You will still be able to find it by going to the "my contributions" link at the top right corner of the screen.

We've been trying to limit the tax forum to more technical tax issues, and the PM/BG forum has really gotten quite active over the past year or so. That forum is the best place for topics like licensing, credentials, CPE, etc., along with business growth techniques and practice management issues like software, hardware, hiring, fees, etc. If you scan the current discussions on that forum, you'll find plenty of recommendations for joining NAEA - it's almost the standard way of congratulating people when they pass the SEE, so many people must think it's a great idea!

Let me know if you have any questions about this move. (In the future, you can actually start new discussions in that forum if you like - it's actually several steps faster since we don't have to have the screening pages limiting participation to tax pros/tax questions, etc.)


Trillium 14:40, 21 November 2009 (CST)

corporate protection

If you have employees I would suggest either the LLC or he S corp. Kevinh5

Software issues are probably better dealt with in the PM/BG forum

Hi, Kyea - software issues are really meant to be discussion over on the Practice Management/Business Growth forum, rather than on the tax forum. I'll be moving your Proseries shutting down discussion over to PM/BG shortly; you'll still be able to get to it by going to the "my contributions" link in the upper corner of your screen.

Trillium 16:10, 21 February 2010 (CST)

Preparer PINs - also a PM/BG topic

Hi, your Preparer PINs discussion is being moved over to the PM/BG forum; it's much more a practice management issue than a tax question. You can see the entire list of what the PM/BG forum is for, here: Discussion Forum Index, in case you're interested. You can start questions directly on the PM/BG forum, too, without having to go through all of the steps required for the tax forum.

Trillium 11:45, 27 February 2010 (CST)


Hey Ky-an! (I spent a lot of my kid vacations in the Lexington area, down to a lake where friends had a houseboat...).

I wonder why she thinks she wants to be an S? Given the legislative landscape right now, she might get into the S and then soon realize that the LLC is so much payroll, no notes, no meetings, etc. etc. IF I had a lot of income so that I could separate salary and profit, I might wait a couple weeks to see what is done with this extensions bill in the Senate. If they blow that S corp stuff out of there, then it's ok to roll with the S. If not, that's going to effectively kill S's for most people.

I do prefer inc'ing if you want a corp. I don't like the check the stupid box thing at all, since there are conflicts between the legality of the LLC and the taxing of the S corp, and how do you resolve that? Esp. where there won't be an attorney involved. Make sure she understands that just like having a regular incorporation, if/when she wants to 'unelect' S status for her LLC, she doesn't become an LLC filer. Rather, she becomes a C corp. So I just don't see the point of making an LLC and then checking the box, unless you already have the LLC. Then, it's an easy way to inc. Jeff

S corps

Russ, take a look at the thread: What else is in the Bill? It's still pretty recent...all about the S corp debacle.

Yes, it WAS Lake Herrington! How did you make that call? Wow. I really honed my water-skiing skills there, and learned that falling off a skiboard (early versions!) hurt like HEEEECCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! when you're going 35 mph. I seem to recall they changed the name of the lake along the way, Lake Christiansen...don't know which was which, and when I was that age, didn't care about maps as much. I know it was a bit south a ways, but when I look at the maps, I can't figure which lake. It was deep, very steep, rocky sides, highway bridge went over one part of it, marina at the west end where the houseboats hung out.



Not sure about your inquiry on Pro Series, I buy the FULL package (around $4,500).

If you have any questions, use my personal E mail...southparkcpa at yahoo dot com


See a tax attorney

Yep, Kentuckian, I'd have them get to a tax/estate attorney. Of course a fair value needs to be established, and then he'll take over their basis on that 25%. Don't know about debt allocations and all tho'. 1065's are not my strong suit. Go watch the horses for me for a bit, not at Keeneland, just on the side of a road somewhere.... Jeff


Yes, Jeff they are best seen in the pastures along the long rural backroads. The lanes that many visitors fail to get to see. You might not see many future derby competitiors (then again you might), but if you have ever been to an even lower rated claimant race, up close, you can see that even the slowest are pretty darn fast. Plus, they are all beautiful.

Thanks for the advice. I think these folks do need to see an estate lawyer.

From the Commonwealth of Kentucky


Yes, I am in Asheville

I do not understand why the instructor said what he did. It is clear that an EA cannot sit for the RTRP exam. Kevinh5


I don't think I've ever seen groceries go up as fast as they have the last 5 years, and I've been around a while. There is just a huge disconnect between what is being reported by the economic press, and the present realities on the home front, and it's done on purpose to fool people. By the way, you might be interested in this site if you don't know about it already. Take care! Fr. Mackelhenry 01:10, 3 September 2013 (UTC)

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