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You were looking for a partner?


I read that you were located in Ca and looking for a partner, maybe? Were are you in CA?

I am in the San Francisco bay area. Where are you located? (There was no email reply button so, I clicked on the edit button)

disengagement letter

Hello Kokomo, i was reading your post in the business growth area, would you have a sample disengagement letter to provide me my email address is

Thank you kindly,


NCI Related

Hi, I was wondering if I can communicate with you regarding your experiences with NCI. you may write to me at

Thanks in advance

Read your piece on fees and fully agree. It amazes me how a CPA/EA will charge less than $300 for a 1040.

Good Luck!


Corporate debt - cancellation due to insolvency

I have a similar question to yours in that an S corp owned 75% of a C corp which became insolvent (and liquidated) in 2008. There was a ~$20k loan (in addition to the capital) that was not repaid upon liquidation. Did you ever find an answer to your question posted 2/6/09? I see that it was moved, but cannot find the thread of where it went.

I'm not sure that 267 applies because it relates to sale or exchange of property, directly or indirectly.

Any advice is appreciated.

Xenon16 20:24, 24 February 2009 (CST)


Hi, I was wondering if I you could share with me your experience with the NCI program. you may write to me at

Thanks in advance


Kokomo, thank you for your valuable input on the outsourcing subject. I am wondering if you could provide me contact information for the accountants who outsource. I would like to speak with them and get some additional information.

Your valuable response will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Ashraf

Thank you Kokomo

Thanks Kokomo for your professional complete answer.I charged him around 3500. Are you familiar with a charge system that used by professional CPA firms.

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