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If you're actually ever in Germany or Londinium, say hi offline

Herr Friefunk, say hi if you're ever in London or Germany or Boston for that matter. Searching on British American Tax will reveal my location.

Thank you

I think I know who wrote this and I sincerely appreciate your note. I will not be travelling for at least this year (as you know, I am not actually German, but an American playing an innocent German youth). First, I plan to make some changes to my computer set-up, which I imagine will be extensive, and I'm also helping my nephew finish up the interior of a house he built for himself....usually this type of work results in me being injured in some way or other.  :) But trust me, if I am in the area, I will certainly look you up and we'll have a cuppa (and two or three shots of good gin/Dubonnet/lemon to go along with it). HDJ


Professor, you don't have to worry about me. I like playing both sides of the coin. I'll take either side in a good debate, like this one. And, I do like to taking a real "cavalier" attitude in that "Wife is Like a Hawk" post...But where we have a bad debate, like mis-treating gay people, there's only *one* right answer there...

Ckenefick 21:25, 7 October 2013 (UTC)ckenefick

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