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Just type on my user talk page (where you just left me a note) what you want your profile to say and I'll copy and paste it. I'm not sure what the problem is. Kevinh5 16:04, 18 February 2009 (CST)

Editing your user page

Kevin's given you the most expedient solution already, but further to his note:

Clicking edit on your user page works, for me. Have you tried to edit your page with more than one browser? Also, hate to say it, but have you done any virus/worm/etc. scans lately? There should be no pop-ups from TaxAlmanac in that area of the site - and unexpected pop-ups always make me wonder who/what's in control of the computer.

Anyway, here's a direct link to your page after I've clicked edit: Genskitty edit. In theory, if you're logged in and that page opens up for you properly, you should then be able to make your changes and click Save Page, even if you can't get the edit tab to work for you.

If you're willing to experiment, could you go into the Test Forum, pick any discussion at random, and try to edit one of the posts in that discussion? (It's the same concept of edit tab at the top, preview/save page buttons at the bottom.) I'd be interested to know if the problem persists there.


Trillium 18:10, 18 February 2009 (CST)

take a look now

at your user page and see if that is OK Kevinh5 20:09, 18 February 2009 (CST)

Hi my name is Genevieve or Genny, if you prefer. I am a Tax Advisor III with H&R Block. I came across this site one day when I was doing some research on a tax issue and now I am totally addicted to this site. When I get to work in the morning this is one of the very first places I go, during the day between clients I'm also looking through forums and areas on this site, and when I get home at night before I do anything else this is where I usually go first. So, needless to say I love this site just a tad. I tend to get alittle too passionate about taxes, or at least that's what I've been told. Currently I am studying to be an EA. Any helps or suggestions on passing the SEE would be more than appreciated. I

Discussion you started today

Hi, Gen

You started a discussion on "Built a Home in 2008 plus Claiming First Time Homebuyers Credit" but didn't put a question into it. I've deleted the discussion, and will send you to the FTHB recap for the answers - you can read in the original legislation, linked there, that the credit is available for houses that were constructed. If I recall, it's date of occupancy that counts when the home was constructed, but check me in the legislation. There may be some other discussions that cover this, too, so check the titles of the discussions linked at the bottom of that recap page, or maybe do a search like this:

"Category:First-time homebuyer credit" construction

Hope that helps.

Trillium 11:48, 28 February 2009 (CST)

EA exam

Hi Genny,

how are you?

since you have been doing taxes for 5 years now, my advice would be to just use the study guides(Gleim) and practice exams with thorough answer rationales as your main course of study, at least thats what worked for me.

if you try to read all the material you'll go insane, so just stick to the study guide and see how you do on the practice exams and take it from there.

just my humble suggestion.

good luck



The term profile as a blue link, links to the user's own profile. Your's links to yours when you click it, his links to his. Kevinh5

Thank you for the clarification.  :) Genskitty

Wasn't really warning *you*

Actually, you left your note while I was going back in to edit my post to say "and BTW, thanks" - realized what I posted sounded sorta like you shouldn't have started the discussion. My warning was more for the two or three people who can't seem to resist posting to any discussion about madoff, ponzi schemes, investment losses, etc., with the same old comments they've already made before. Let's see if it works!

PS - you can also link to rev rulings right within TaxAlmanac. For example, RR09-9 is: Rev. Rul. 2009-9. Again, however, it's up to you which you'd like to link to. Linking right to the IRS site is also fine.

Trillium 19:31, 23 March 2009 (CDT)


I have a quick question that's kinda always bothered me and since you work at HR Block you might be able to help me understand. What exactly does HR Block, Liberty Tax, Instant Tax, etc. all these companies do after April 15? As in what is their business model?

I ask because I'm considering opening a franchise tax service though I don't completely understand how their business model is different from a regular tax & accounting firm.

Appreciate any help! Thanks!

    • Ahsan**

H & R Block

Gen, thanks much for chiming in to the recent post regarding tax preparer qualifications and education. I was very impressed with your discussion regarding HRB.

I took the HRB basic course last fall and did very well, although I was unable to sign on with them due to my current work schedule. However, that will change either this fall or the following fall when I formally retire. I hope to work for Block for a few years therafter -- I was that impressed with their course. I'll probably take it again before signing on.

I know that in come circles HRB has gotten a bad rap, I'm glad to hear they are strengthening their course curriculum.

My own feeling is that since HRB is the best known tax prep firm, their mistakes get artificially amplified, whereas the good that they do and the service they provide goes largely unnoticed. I firmly believe, based on the people I met in the course that I took, that almost all Block associates do their very best to serve their clients to the best of their ability.

Best of luck in the future. I can tell based on your postings how much of an asset you obviously are to the entire tax preparatiom community.

Cwatt1 21:08, 9 June 2009 (CDT)


Belle is in CA, but I don't remember where. So is DZCPA and so is Riley2. Kevinh5

oh, forgot to tell you

Riley2 sometimes logs in as R2 now. Leave R2 a message also. Kevinh5

Thanks, but..

I'm in Northern California, so I don't think I can help. But thanks for thinking of me, it's appreciated. Belle 15:53, 22 September 2009 (CDT)


Hey, thanks for the "strokes"!

And I don't have a problem with HRB per se, just with some of the incompetent preparers who work there.....but then, those incompetent preparers work in many, many different places. In fact, the previous owner of the local franchise was quite good. She's actually the one that taught the class that I've sent a couple of employees to over the years.

But alas, times have changed - so I have to come up with a different approach for the one I need trained before the upcoming season. Going to try either an on-line class, or an interactive self-study class.

See you around TA.... Belle 17:22, 22 September 2009 (CDT)

Bye Bye Block

Lacerte has a 4-page "condensed organizer" that I can send you; at least it will give you something to start tax season with.

If i recall the non-compete agreement correctly, you can't call your Block clients and ask them to come to you, but you CAN send them a Velentine (postcard?) and be sure your name and phone number are on it! Block can do nothing if the clients call you.

Leave me a PM or e-mail me at if you want me to send you one of those organizers ... you can copy as many of 'em as you need.

Gretchen Beck, EA Wonder Woman USA


Genevieve, so sorry to hear you were blindsided. I think you are in Florida, right?, so don't think working for me is an option. I think both The Tax Book and Quickfinder have simple organizers you could use. And either one would probably be good to have as a research resource for you. I have The Tax Book and could fax the organizer to you. I'm under the W-2 deadline gun, but can help you more this weekend. Send me your email address so we can correspond directly!

(here's the TaxBook website -

Belle 19:21, 28 January 2010 (CST)

new business and EA exam

Hi Genny,

Good luck with your new business. If you need any help answering questions or tips on starting your own practice, i will try to help as much as i can, time restraints being considered this time of year of course.

I'm officially on my own 7 years now 9well actually, I work for a cpa firm 3 days a week per diem doing taxes, it heps me stay sharp and interact with people, and discuss taxes with other pros. it also helps pay bills ! lol

few general words oof advice to get you started, just my opinion, but since i've been a guinny pig for many attempts at getting new business and have tried stuff that works and other things that totally bomb here is what i would suggest.

1) do try to hook up with a firm or practitioner at elast part time this season, even if it's just collating, doing simple returns, or keypunching tax data into the computers, i'm sure you can find some firm or person who can use help for tax season. don't even be concerned too much about the pay, the experience is key and it helps with confidence. this way, if one of your personal returns you have a quation you know people at a firm you can ask.

2.) as i mentioned in my powt, do not do nay returns by hand! you will go bonkers. get a low cost tax software if anything

3.) try to ask friends and relatives if they need help this year with taxes, even you can offer to review their returns for free, just to get more practice. if you find an error, maybe you can charge them. and be be sure to tell friends, relatives, and whoever you can that "hey i'm officially on my own now, if you or anyone you know needs a tax pro let me know". The key is that people know you do taxes. you might be bale to find some of my posts, i just wrote one yesterday of some successful and not so successful ways i'v gotten new clients. you want everyone to know what you do for a living. for example, let's say i installed air conditioners for a living, and in passing a mentioned to you 3 times during the year what i do for a living, and you may have thought nothing of it, come summer time when you get a new air conditioner you eed installed what are you going to do? look in the yellow pages? no! you will call me because you already know that's what i do and the service is at your fingertips. u may have some luck with facebook, add as many "friend" as u can and then here and there drop a few hints thta ou do taxes, enter it on your homepage, u can even set up what's called a fan page for your business

4.) these a few quick tips for now

5.) for the EA exam, i recommend just using study guides and practicing s many questions as you can and the ones u get wrong, review the answer and rationale. Gleim EA study guides worked for me.

by the way what state are you working in?

good luck


Hi Genskittyhere is my post from yesterday

hope u find this post below helpful helpful.

one more thing, i don't think it's a problem having people go by your home even if it's under construction, most people understand, the key is just make sure your work area looks professional.

Hi all, I wanted to see if I could get some constructive back and forth on tax marketing techiques that some of you have had success (or no success) with:

here is my brief list of what has worked and not worked and somewhere in between:

Being more social, staying in contact with clients throughout the year, giving very quality service, caring about my clients, giving each client's return personal attention above and beyond - works very well and seems to help get referrrals, this is my best method of continuing to build the practice

LETTERS to high school alumni - 2-3% response

EMAIL to high school alumni - close to 0% (seems that an old fashioned letter that is signed with an original signature and a business card attached is still the way to go :)

Letters to new homeowners - 1%

Letters to specific industries (i.e doctors list) - less than 1%

Having someone walk into a business establishment and distribute my business cards - 0%

Facebook - got a few clients just by writing here and there in my news feed that i'm working on taxes, etc. also set up a fan page, verdict is still out on that.

Directly asking current clients if they know of any leads - positive results

Flyers - no way, waste of time, lol.

Website - helps with perception but doesn't produce new clients

Making every day people I deal with such as caterers, mechanics, shoe salesman, neighbors or whomever i give money to on a daily basis aware of what i do for a living in case they consider giving me their business - beeen effective got a few clients.

Informing people I play Hockey with and against of what I do for a living - good results

Trying to get new clients from existing clients - example, do taxes for a not for profit off broadway play production and asked client if I could have names and contact info for all the actors, and i sent each actor a letter stating i do the company return and if they needed a tax professional for their personal taxes..... - very good results

Getting involved with clients - example, go to some shows that the play produces to show my support, go to restaurant clients for dinner and bring a few friends, etc. - very good idea

Asking former employers/firms I've worked out years ago to recommend my services for clients that may be too small or unprofitable for a big firm - got a few good clietns this way.

Sending hand written personal thank you cards every time a client refers someone to me - Priceless !!!

Going to a networking meeting of various professionals every 2 weeks - has been very positive, got a few solid cleints from this meeting.

I wish everyone here a prosperous tax season. Should be fun !


I'm slammed today - are you working tomorrow? Belle 12:02, 29 January 2010 (CST)


Check your email...Belle 12:43, 30 January 2010 (CST)

Hi Genskitty - Where in New Orleans? I'm new too, in Mandeville. Feel free to e mail me at

Welcome Back !!

Quick answer to your question - sniff around TA. Give me a bit of time, I might have some update/summary type info I could send you. Bug me if I forget; I'm slammed right now with quarterlies, W-2s (sound familiar? same time last year), new employee with the requisite verical learning curve, etc. And it's really good to hear from you. Belle 22:50, 19 January 2011 (UTC)

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