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Lacerte on a MAC

In response to your inquiry re Lacerte on a MAC, I also am interested in this. Your initial inquiry was in 2006. Have you purchased a MAC with the Intel chip and if so have you been successful running Lacerte and with which Windows emulation software?


Your NY question

Hi, you posted your question as an article. I'm sure you meant for it to go into the Tax Forum where you might get some feedback. You should re-post your question over in the tax forum - click on Start a new tax question, but first, be sure to update your user page (profile). This is a new feature since you first started participating on TaxAlmanac, and having some info in the profile about your background as a tax preparer can really increase the number and quality of the responses you get to your questions.


Trillium 22:18, 2 March 2009 (CST)

Vacation Home Owned by Partnership

Gruderman, I was wondering how you resolved the situation mentioned in your thread April 2006. Did you end up file a 1065 or not?

I am dealing with a very similar situation right now. The difference in my case as compared to yours is that this Partnership has been renting the real estate out for quite some time, and now is considering converting it into personal use. So we have been filing 1065 for years. If the real estate property is going to be converted to personal use, I am wondering if 1065 should be filed in the future.

PCs to MAC

Hi Gruderman,

I saw from your post you have a wonderful experience with MAC operating your Lacerte. My office we have 5 staff and we are thinking to switch to MAC. We use network version Lacerte. Any problems you have encountered so far? Thanks.

Using Parallels on a mac

Hi Gruderman,

I just purchased a mac and added parallels in order to use Lacerte. I am licensed as a single user for Lacerte, and when I try to restore or backup, Lacerte will not let me because it thinks I am using a network. I have tried to change my configuration on Parallels to host only, but that will not fix the problem.

Would you have any advice?

Thank you

DonDes 12:48, 17 November 2009 (CST)

Your name change request

Hi, I can handle the name change request you asked Tim Doyle about. The name "GSR" is available (so is "G$R" but I'm guessing you listed your choices in order of preference), and if you want to let me know when you're ready to log out for the evening, I can make the change at that point. Click my name below and follow the "leave a message" links to leave me a note.

When you log back in, use the new name (e.g., GSR, if that's what you ultimately select), and your original password. All of your user history and preferences will carry over. Note - it's best if you actually quit your browser before you log back in with the new name, otherwise the servers might just carry over the prior session and your posts/activity could be registered under the old name, incorrectly.

Important - your user page info would normally carry over, but at this point it's blank, and that's all that'll carry over. You'll want to get some info onto that page right away. When you started your new discussion just now, you should have seen this page: four steps to asking a new tax question, which explains the importance of the user page/profile info in step 2. You should actually update your profile/user page now, before you log off. There are quite a few of the users here who don't respond to questions from people without any info on their user pages - this is new since you first started using the site, so I thought I should point it out for you.

Trillium 04:13, 4 December 2010 (UTC)

Your name change is complete

Any issues/questions, please let me know.

Any posts you made prior to the name change will still show the old name unless you manually edit them. I went ahead and edited the opening post on the discussion you started yesterday, so that it shows the new "GSR" name when you read the discussion. However, the tax forum index will continue to display the old user name (the one in existence at the time the discussion was created), that's not an adjustable field.

Be aware that if you accidentally sign in with the old name, the system will let you do that, and it'll recreate the old username, but without any of your user info/history/preferences, and without some of the normal user page behaviors. If you notice that you've signed in with the old name, the best thing to do is log out right away, and quit your browser before you come back and sign in with the new name.

Please do update your user page/profile when you come back and sign in with your new user name (level of experience/ background as a tax pro are the most important things to include there). Thanks!

Trillium 03:00, 5 December 2010 (UTC)

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