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- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 14:53, 6 January 2007 (CST)


Sorry if I peeved you, my tongue was placed well into my cheek and I was smiling. Which is why I went to the trouble to compliment the recent FL success, hoping that the goodwill part came thru. Apparently not. I try not to be too serious most of the time... Jeff


Hey Doug, don't be so hard on yourself. I would NOT want to be in your postion, tho', taking over a mature practice without direction or a foundation under me, even. Yikes. Stick around here, you need us. Read everything you can on this board, for you'll learn a ton. If my answers are right more often now, it's only because I've been on here for the past year, learning from the likes of Riley, who's only been caught wrong once by me, Dennis, who is the expert on estates, trusts, and the like, and some of the newer guys like Kevin. I was fortunate to learn tax at the feet of several different accountants when setting up new clients in the small biz world. I got into sales for a time, and it was great. When it's seminar season, I'd recommend either GearUP or Jennings...they're the best out there, and geared for our clientele and issues. For QB, it's Sleeter hands down. And you'll meet folks in your area so that you've got people you can call and have a meal with...

Do take time for family. Life is NOT about taxwork or accounting. It's the work we do for all the other stuff. Best, Jeff


Hi Doug,

It was surprisingly easy finding work at another firm. In fact I think that it happens all the time at leas in my area. I actually had two serious prospects but decided to only pursue one of them and in the end only come out with one offer that I accepted without negotiation. I really wanted the experience from this firm because it was small and was 99% taxation. This is exactly the type of practice that I am trying to build. The bigger firm that I did not pursue has 10 partners with a lot of audit work. I would have been exclusively on tax files I'm sure, but the internal procedures of the firm would be geared towards supporting the complete public accounting mission and fragmented across several admin departments. It is not really relevant to what I am building.

I did not sign a non-compete. They are aware that I have my own firm but have a very pragmatic policy in place that really prevents competition: I am not allowed to interview or otherwise meet with the clients. Relationships mean a lot in this profession, and with just processing the files in the back-office, I am not really any closer to stealing their clients than pulling a name listing from the SoS. (Also, All Tax-Practitioners are licensed in OR and they would be able to bring a complaint against me to my professional board if I acted unethical.)

I have the same background as you with the exception of your certification. I was in corporate accounting from 1998 - 2005. I had a VERY slow tax season last year, I've been living off accounting and other income. The best thing I did in 2006 was put this business relationship together and get my bearings in a small tax practice that had the business operation procedures in place. I think I will be ready to buy a client base this summer.

It was nice to talk with you, hope you have a great season and much fun with your 4 yr old!

William Price, EA | Portland, OR - Talk to me

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