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Hi, no advertisements or spam are allowed on TaxAlmanac

but you are welcome to post useful information (like '10 ways to get the higest price on an accounting firm'; or 'what to look for when purchasing a practice'; or to answer questions people ask on selling a practice, but please, no links to your website from the discussion threads. Thank you. Kevinh5

Thank you

I'll let you know if any slight changes are necessary. I've asked a co-administrator to give her input. Thanks for your asking. Kevinh5

Use of TaxAlmanac

Hi, Brian -

Kevin asked me to provide some input on your most recent contribution to TaxAlmanac (an article). That article does not comply with the TaxAlmanac policies and guidelines, since it is about your firm, and provides an offer of services. As such, it's going to be deleted, but since you do seem to be willing to learn what would be acceptable, and we do think that it would be great to have someone with your skills and connections as a participant on TaxAlmanac, I'm going to provide some links for you to review, and in a second message to your Talk page later today, I'll add some advice on how you might approach the TA user community in a way they'd be likely to be receptive to.

Here are the links for familiarizing yourself with TaxAlmanac: Code of Conduct, Policies, FAQ, Hints and Tips on How to Search on TaxAlmanac, and an Overview of TA.


Trillium 14:40, 30 January 2009 (CST)


Hi - here's my second post, as mentioned above.

I would suggest that you go to the Business Growth Forum here on TaxAlmanac, scroll way to the end of the page, and click to start a new discussion topic.

You should not mention your firm specically in the post you add; rather, just mention at the end of your post that if anyone wants to learn more about you or your firm, or find out how to contact you, they should click your user name to see your profile.

In the post, rather than just bluntly offering services, perhaps you could provide some general information about things professionals should have in mind when they're thinking about selling their practices. You must have something from one of your newsletters that's an informational piece, rather than general advertising? Just be sure to avoid anything that's under copyright or that might have been written by someone other than you in the past (more on that is available here: Use and Contribution Terms).

Here are some various links that cover the guidelines about articles - and you can also read these to cover discussion posts, as well - with regard to advertising and the like:

Thanks for working with us to help keep TaxAlmanac as a valuable resource for tax professionals.

Trillium 15:02, 30 January 2009 (CST)

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