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What the IRS gets when you efile

Hi Bryan I decided to send you a private message because I notice that no one on the forum answered your comment about not knowing what the IRS gets when you efile. I don't know whether you were doing taxes back in the early 90's or not but the IRS tested a new 1040 form (can't remember the alpha on it). Point is that when you filed using that option all the IRS got was the form line number and amount. I guess it worked so well for them that they programed their computers to convert efiled returns to this format. It is similar to what you get when you ask for a transcript of a return.

In addition...the only items the IRS gets when you efile the return are the forms and schedules that are required if you file manually. Your worksheets etc are not included. Everything is read by the computer and even when you call the IRS to discuss a return the agent you speak with is not looking a the return form as we know them but rather, this transcript type of form.

Much of what the IRS does these days, once it receives a return, is totally automated through computer. Unless an issue comes up through their automated computer quiries their employess never see an efiled return. An example would be under stated income. The IRS receives the efiled return the computer compares income claimed on the return against income reported to them from various sources. When the computer finds it has a w-2, or 1099 that was not reported on the return the computer generates a "unreported income" letter. The computer will followup three times at 60 day intervals. If the letter is not responded to they up the ante and send a stronger letter. Only when the letter is responded to does anyone at the irs actually know a notice was issued.

I have learned this by asking questions when I have had to contact the IRS for a client.

Hope this helps

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