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Hello, and welcome to TaxAlmanac! My name is Tim Doyle and I serve here in the role of TaxAlmanac Moderator. If you haven't done so already, you might want to review our Quick Start Guide to help you get oriented.

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I hope you enjoy being a member of the TaxAlmanac community! If you have any questions, see the help pages or ask me on my talk page. Again, welcome!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator, Tdoyle 14:16, 11 December 2005 (CST)

Schedule D Attachments

The IRS instructions specifically state "do not write see attached" and list each individual item on Sch. D or D-1 if you out out of space. I seem to recall at a tax seminar that this was repealed by the IRS but I can not locate anything in writing. Do you have a specific source as to your answer?

Schedule D Attachments

Thank you for your answer. It appears from a Jan., 2006 IRS update that you are correct.

Schedule D Attachments

Thank you.

It appears your answer is correct based on a Jan., 2006 IRS clarification update.Brewster 13:08, 27 March 2006 (CST)

H&R Block course

Hi Beengel,

I saw by your profile that you've taken the HRB course, and was wondering what you thought of it. I've heard good things about it, including some references to it on this forum, but have never talked with anyone who's actually taken it and has gone on to do professional tax prep work. That's exactly what I'm thinking about doing after I retire in about a year and a half. I'd really appreciate your feedback -- your overall opinion, areas of taxation covered, etc.

I'm not exactly a novice, but with no formal tax prep experience (except for my having done my family's returns), I've obviously got a good deal to learn and a ways to go!

Thanks much! Cwatt1 13:31, 18 February 2007 (CST)

Thanks for the input re HRB!

Thanks a lot for the information about the HRB course. Sounds like a logical place to start. I had thought about doing exactly what you have done, i.e., not work for HRB, but getting some broader experience with an accounting firm. Might even see if I can intern for a season just to get some experience working with clients.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I enjoy reading your posts and will continue to be a regular follower of the forum!

Cwatt1 20:30, 19 February 2007 (CST)

Direct Mail Advertising

I am new to Tax Almanac.

My wife is a CPA and I will be a CPA in a couple of weeks. I just passed the test and made a mid life career change.

We currently operate a business out of our house and are looking into moving into an office.

I would like to learn more about your direct mail campaign you did recently. What kind of response rates did you get? What did your postcard look like? Etc...

My wife started our business in 2001 with the intent of just working part time.

Now we both work in the business and we will do about 350 tax returns this year, inclduing about 90 small businesses.

We now plan on expanding and hiring several more poeple.

I like direct mail and would like to leanr more about your direct mail!

Mike Sylvester

Fort Wayne CPA 15:17, 12 April 2007 (CDT)

thanks for the lead on clip art

the new tax guy

Do you still want to change your user name?

Hi, I have recently been given authority to handle user name change requests for Tim Doyle. I noticed that you had asked him about a name change a while ago (to change from beengel to taxgal, or second choice, taxtime). Are you still interested in doing this? If so, please click on my name below, and then go to my Talk Page (discussion page) and leave me a message, and then I can see if either of those names is available.

Trillium 15:34, 4 December 2008 (CST)

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