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Stand your ground

I saw your post, and wanted to lend my full moral support! It's difficult to work solo because it's so easy to second guess yourself, and clients are hard to come by. If a client ever sent me a nasty note over a "mortgage letter", I'd let them know in a hurry that my law license is not for sale to anyone, and they can take their business somewhere else. Hard to do, but no one is going to buy my letterhead for something I'm not comfortable signing. CrowJD 22:24, 13 February 2008 (CST)

Discussion:Gift of stock to trust

Donor's basis will transfer. So long as you have read and thoroughly understood the trust document, talked to the attorney and made sure both you and your clients know the reason why this transaction had to be done you are not missing anything.

update on foreign gifts

Foreign gifts may have a tax if the person who gave the gift gave up US citizenship and/or greencard in the past ten years.

-- liz @ British American Tax . com <-- remove spaces to send me an email.

Also in the Bay Area

Hi Anne,

Don't know if we've chatted before... just wanted to say hi to a fellow Bay Area self-employed tax professional. I'm in the South Bay. Where are you?


(The New Tax Guy)

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