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I am a long-time CPA and have been working as a professional tax preparer for about four or five years. My background was primarily in corporate accounting/mgt, and before that, audit, but that public accounting stint was long, long ago. I took the path of slowly building my experience as a paid tax preparer after way too many years of history as a free tax preparer (out of familial obligation - a family with all kinds of strange multi-state, foreign tax, and small business issues, such is my luck). I still do occasional contract work in accounting and financial analysis, too.

I'm really still much more comfortable with individual taxes than with partnerships or S-corps, but after years of reading discussions and participating here, at the very least I know the pitfalls and problems others have faced and the big things to avoid, and I'm always trying to improve my level of experience on one subject or another.

Also, toward the end of 2008, Tim Doyle recruited me to help out with various administrative (background) activities on the TaxAlmanac site, along with Kevinh5. This includes importing research resources, updating and organizing pages on the site, adding categories, and enforcing both the participation guidelines (e.g., ensuring that participants on the tax forum are actually tax pros) and the advertising and copyright policies.


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