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My name is Patrick and I go by the nickname Trailman423. I am located in NY but also very familiar with NJ and PA. I have been studying tax law and preparing returns since 1997, mostly personal returns but also some limited other entities. I am currently studying for the Part II of the SEE, having already passed Parts I and III without much difficulty. I am hoping to sit for it in May. I am thankful for TA's existence for both tax research and for helping out with my studying for these tests.

In addition to maintaining a small client base personally (utilizing Drake software), I am also working for a small local firm that utilizes Proseries. I am new to this firm in 2013, having left a firm where I resided for the previous two tax seasons.

Formerly, I spent 10 years operating a family owned franchise of one of the "chain" outfits. While I realize that these types of operations are often frowned upon by many tax professionals (and in some cases rightfully so), I can tell you that some franchise operations are quite different from the company owned locations. I continually strived to make our offices, our preparers, and myself as knowledgeable as possible. My family sold the offices, with my blessing, due to personal as well as business reasons. I feel that the oversight of the education of our preparers and the preparation of some 3,500 electronically filed returns per year has given me a large amount of experience with individual returns.

I am participating in this forum in order to help expand my tax knowledge as well as offer any knowledge or insight that I may possess.

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