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Hello, my name is John. I am a licensed CPA in New York State, and earned my MBA from UT Dallas. I have been in the tax profession for over 15 years. I spent my first 5 years in the profession focusing on income tax, first for a big 6 Public Accounting firm, and then for a large telecommunications company.

In 1999 I joined my current employer, IDI Billing Solutions, and became a transaction tax specialist. IDI Billing Solutions provides integrated hosted billing solutions to the telecom industry. Our customers provide land line and wireless data, voice, and internet services throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. I am responsible for researching, integrating, and maintaining transaction taxes in our proprietary tax engine, and for ensuring that taxes are correctly computed and presented on subscriber invoices.

I have over 12 years experience working with transaction taxes in the telecommunications field. If you would like to discuss transaction tax issues specific to the telecom industry, including, sales tax, gross receipts tax, universal service fund, utility user tax, or 911 surcharges, please feel free to contact me.

CPA This user is a Certified Public Accountant.

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