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Rather than leaving a message on this site, please email me:

My background is accounting, law enforcement and tax prep...when I retired from law enforcement I took the EA prep course, the test and moved back home to Hawaii where I started my own business in a home office. The majority of my clients own small businesses and/or rentals. By word of mouth and purchase of other tax prep firms, I now have between 250 to 300 clients. I have used ProSeries software since 1994.

My name is Laura. I live on the island of Oahu, state of Hawaii, where I was born and raised. I own my own tax business, All About Taxes. I have been an Enrolled Agent since 1994.

Tax prep and consulting is my second career. Prior to this I was a police sergeant in the CA Bay Area. When I retired I took the EA prep course and exam. I moved back to Hawaii in 1997 and established my business by word of mouth.

ProSeries is my program of choice since the beginning. Most of the returns I do include Sch A, C, D, E and a few S-Corps. My client base has grown to about 300 returns.

Update 2013: I've had enough of Obama and the get-nothing done Congress so I sold the prep part of my business and am now doing compliance almost exclusively.

Hope to run into you all if I ever make it to a Mainland seminar.

Aloha, Taxea Laura

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