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My name is Mel and I have been preparing taxes for over 15 years. I became an enrolled agent in August 2009. I am an accountant for a restaurant and a construction company. I have a degree in Accounting and have been in the field for over 20 years.

I greatly appreciate every contribution from all you professionals on this forum. Accounting has been my main occupation, with taxes being my "minor", although I'm starting to switch that around. So I consider myself a baby next to most of you, and I know I still have a lot to learn in this industry. I appreciate your answers to even the simple questions, as it serves to nurture me to become as knowledgeable as you. In turn, a few years down the road, I hope to be the one helping someone else just starting out in the business.

I started doing simple individual tax returns for friends many years ago, and it has grown into a nice small business for me. I'm a down-to-the-bone local boy, being born and raised in Hawaii. I lived in Maryland for a few years, and was blessed to have worked for two great local accounting firms there, where I got superior training in many areas of taxation. I also learned that shovelling snow is no fun, but a great way to stay active. I'm now back in Hawaii. Beautiful, but expensive.

Make no mistake. I'm not one of those neighbor-next-door tax preparer. When I first started preparing taxes in the 1990's, I wanted to prove my competency. So I studied and took the EA exam and passed all parts on the first try. (I think there were four parts then.) That was when it was administered by the IRS once a year, and given on three consecutive days. But, being young and foolish, I got sidetracked and went on another career direction. However, I did continue preparing taxes and now am looking to grow my business exponentially.

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