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I'm a CPA in private practice. I perform tax, accounting, payroll, financial and estate planning, and business advisory services for both private companies and individuals. I also offer tax resolution and audit representation services and I sometimes work as an outside accountant/consultant. My professional experience through out the years has been mostly in the various areas of public accounting, but I have had some experience working corporate (which I hate!). I was a mathematics teacher for a while when I was in grad school, but when I accidentally let my teaching credential expire, I ended up broke and needed to find a job fast. I then applied to a couple of places and landed a temporary position as a staff accountant at a big manufacturing was a terrible experience! I soon quit that job, found myself broke again, applied to a couple of other places, and got hired by a CPA firm in was a great job and we got drunk a lot. I've been working in public accounting ever since.

My practice is located in Los Angeles, California, and I take clients by referral only. I don't have any major hobbies since I find that I'm constantly working around the clock, which kind of suits my lifestyle anyway, but I do love to watch movies when I have the time. My client base, along with my fees, increases every year on a consistent basis....and I never advertise.

Oh yeah, and I still drink loads of coffee.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of the AICPA

California Society of Certified Public Accountants

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