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My name is Becky, and I am a self-employed tax preparer. I took courses through the Professional Career Development Institute, as well as some local classes. I continue to update my knowledge with courses locally or through the The Tax Book courses yearly.

I have been preparing income taxes from home since the 2004 tax season and currently prepare just under 100 a season. I live in Minnesota, have been married since '99 to my childhood sweetie and have 2 wonderful sons. I stayed home until 2009 to raise my boys but then went back to work full time for a commercial printing shop where I do CSR work, estimating and so on. Besides the tax business, the full time job, and being a mom, I also run a small geothermal heat pump/HVAC business with my husband. Last but not least we built our own home from summer '07 through November '08, about 98% on our own ;).

I would eventually like to go back to school to help take my tax prep business further. I have not worked for anyone else preparing taxes, but have found a great mentor through TTB Message Board who has been very supportive with advice.

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