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I'm MDtaxgal aka Alice, I'm an EA and practice in Maryland. I've been an accountant for over 25 years, did my time in public accounting and then worked as Controller/CFO for various businesses. Did a 12 year stint in Non-profit land and decided in 2001 to come back to public accounting. Started preparing tax returns on the side in 1987 right after they did a major overhaul to the tax code. Got my EA and I opened my own practice in 2003. I sit on the MD Society of Accountants board of directors and I'm a strong supporter of Solo and Small firm practices (we need to stick together). I work with individuals, small businesses and non-profits. I have two part-time staff and it's a little scary that I'm the in-house expert. In my spare time I'm a New Thought Minister.

Love this forum... I learn so much...

email me at

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