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Hi. I’m two times 25 year young, have two grown up sons, and hell of a life. I love traveling, biking, and comedy. I play piano and accordion, and enjoy singing. I write stories, and poems, though never published anything. I live in America for 20 years; prior place of residence was former Soviet Union. Back there I was a chief financial officer in a medical college for about 10 years. In America I held a couple of accounting jobs, being a full charge bookkeeper, a controller assistant… but then changed my career and for already 18 years I am a computer programmer, and I love it. However, after suffering outsourcing three times (at AIG, MetLife, and PaineWebber) I started my own business that provides accounting and taxation services primarily to Russian Community. I had no time to go to college to improve my knowledge of American taxation, just read a lot, and search an internet for help. I’m here to ask a lot of questions, and probably some of them would sound very dull. Sorry. I depend on you guys!

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My Family Team
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