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Greetings, all. I am an employee of IRS working in the Small Business/Self-Employed operating division as a Senior Stakeholder Liaison in the South Bend, Indiana office with 27 years of IRS experience, mostly in the area of Collection (Collection Group Manager for more than 14 years). My duties are to provide communication and receive feedback to/from IRS stakeholders, of which tax professionals are primary. While tax professionals and IRS personnel are often viewed as adversaries, the fact is that both are important components of our "voluntary" tax system and we could not have the level of compliance that we do have with tax laws were it not for our tax professional partners. So, on behalf of those of us at IRS, thank you for the work that you do to guide your clients into compliance with the maze of tax regulation with which they must contend. I look forward to gleaning insights from this valuable resource.

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