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My name is David McRee. I am a CPA in St. Petersburg, Florida. I started my accounting career in 1996 working for a local St. Petersburg CPA firm that specialized in nonprofit organizations. I worked as an auditor for 6 months, then switched to tax. In 2003 the firm was purchased by a very large southeastern regional firm with a large nonprofit base. In July 2005 I resigned my position and took a break.

I found that after a few months my phone started ringing from small nonprofits who heard that I prepare 990's and 1023's. My limited nonprofit work now centers around helping nonprofit organizations obtain relief from Form 990 late-filing penalties and writing reasonable cause letters to the IRS.

I've helped nonprofit clients all over the country. I write quite a few "reasonable cause" penalty abatement letters (with excellent results). My website is

My practice is becoming increasingly pared down as I focus more on writing. I have published a book, "Form 990 Late-Filing Penalty Abatement Manaual"(for sale on my website) that shows tax-exempt organizations and their professional advisors how to write a reasonable cause letter to the IRS that actually works to get late-filing penalties abated. Sample letters are included. It is available as an e-book and as a printed desk reference. Most of the people who purchase the book are CPA's.

Contact David McRee, CPA

I use Intuit's ProSeries to prepare 990's and am very happy with it. Much easier to use than ProSystems fx. I am not aware of any software for preparing 1023's.

This is a great forum.


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