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Hello, my name is The Great Pumpkin and I go by the nickname BobTheMobCPA. I haven't entered my real information on this page to help others better judge who I am, as I am considering entering the Federal Witness Protection Program. Either that, or the Iowa State Fair Squash and Gourd competition.

For the most part, my clients are well respected in their own circles and quite loyal to their extended family. They tend to take care of their own, which sometimes includes a 'gentle' reprimand when a family member acts outside of the family's wishes. My specialty is tax returns for those in the 'security and protection' lines of work, although a few clients are Chiropractors/neck and back adjusters, and I have one or two 'problem-solvers' who specialize in 'clean-up' work. I get clients exclusively based on referrals. All of my clients are in one extended family. I take care of them, they take care of me. Capiche?

If you'd like to leave me a message, just select the discussion tab at the top of this page.

Thank you!


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