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EA This user is an Enrolled Agent.

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Ann Showalter, EA

Enrolled agent since 1990. Sole practitioner, tax practice and some monthly write-up and payroll for various small businesses in Northeast Tennessee.

Downsized in 2003 and moved office home. Best thing I've done in a long time. Now those late nights during tax season don't involve a late drive home. Doing taxes in your jammies can be fun!

I use Proseries tax software, e-file all, but no longer offer any bank products. Part of my downsizing was dropping the RAL business. I also started storing all my files digitally. I just scan everything and give it back to the client. Now I just push a button to delete old records - no more shredding.

Seems like there is always something every year that stumps me or could be handled in several different ways. I Look forward to discussing those situations with other TaxAlmanac users.

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