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I have been an Enrolled Agent for a really long time and I earned my CLU designation long long ago - more years ago than I want to admit. I attended Golden Gate University and Sonoma State University but since I started so late, my education overlapped with my son's and the funds were diverted there. I still need a few units to finish my degree. Unfortunately time and the types of units I need get in the way - not sure that a class in Women's Studies is going to enhance what I do, nor one in chemistry or any other lab science. I had a bookkeeping service in California for 20 years that I sold to move to Hawaii where I started a small tax and bookkeeping practice after working in a local CPA's office initially. I'm married, have one son, and two adorable grandchildren of whom I have over a thousand pictures which could be e-mailed on request (amazingly, I never get any requests for them). Even though nobody ever wants e-mails of my grandkids, someone suggested that I tell everyone my name, I'm Paula, just in case anyone else wants to know.

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