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Hi there!

I've been a tax preparer for seven years, mostly individual, but some 1120s and 1065s as well. (My username comes from the fact that I would rather do twenty 1040s than one 1120S)  :-)

Currently I work for a small CPA firm in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

I'm an Enrolled Agent, and I do representation work and handle the "problem children": examinations, penalty abatements, multiple year non-compliant clients, CP2000s, prior year errors by other preparers, etc. They call me "the fixer" around here.

I've passed the CPA exam as well, and expect to be fully licensed in October 2013, just as soon as NASBA processes my application.

I've used TaxAlmanac for research for years, and have been grateful many times to find the answer to something I'm researching here. I also love the biting sarcastic dry humor of many of the regular contributors.

When I'm not doing taxes or fighting the IRS, I'm with my kids or playing tennis.

EA This user is an Enrolled Agent.

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